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While hearing the news on the new Supergirl shoe, let's take a moment to see which is the best CURRENT DC show............

4. Constantine

Constantine is what I'd call picking from the bottom of the pit. He's a pretty unknown character. It seems when the hype of Marvel's "Dr. Strange" started, this show was it's response since both characters are so similar. DC and NBC have had little to no confidence in this show, being that it's been on the bridge of cancellation multiple times.

3. Gotham

Being that FOX makes this show, it has its limitations on what it can produce for its content. Since I'm the nerd of my family, I always explain to them Easter Eggs but what I hate explaining to them is how we'll never get to see Batman in action. Also, the show takes on a slow start which can be aggravating because as a nerd, I want to see a lot of content. Although it's flaws I have to say I love the show. The character interpretations are astonishing as well as the story-telling. Thankfully, DC choose to make"Supergirl" instead of a Gotham Copy-cat, "Krypton".

2. Arrow

I love watching Arrow! The content is amazing. While we didn't get to see Batman fight his enemies in Gotham, we can see a worthy vigilante of similar characteristics fight them for him. The cool "bad-guys" on this show include members of the Suicide Squad like Deathstroke, Captain Boomerang, and more. I love watching this with my family because it has something we all like. I like it for the reason of it being an awesome Superhero show, my mother likes it because Felicity reminds her of Garcia from the show, "Criminal Minds" and my father and sister like because they love archery. Overall, it's great, but there's only one show that tops it...........................


This is my FAVORITE of the DC Shows. It mixes a compelling story, excellent acting, and great effects into one awesome show. This has been awarded the most "True to the comics" by many and I can agree. Most might ask how this is so because Harrison Wells, the scientist was never in any of the comics. Well......He's the only "made-up" character. Why did I just put on quotation marks you ask? Well (no pun intended) that's because he was introduced before on an episode of "Superfriends". Some call this show a spin-off of Arrow, but it's not in any way. This is simply a coexistent with Arrow, being that they announced that they will have a cross-over episode every season. The CW has great plans with this show, including TIME TRAVEL!!! so I'm just waiting for the awesomeness of Tuesday every week.

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What is your favorite DC Show?


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