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If anyone knows anything about the Epic Superman/Doomsday duel, they know it's one of the biggest and most supercharged rivalries in all of comics history. This fight has to come to the big screen, one way or another. There is also evidence that Doomsday will in fact be in "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice". Will this epic fight finally become a big blockbuster?! The animated feature was soo good that it just makes me want this even more! Enjoy the fan trailer and vote if you want this to finally come to be a big blockbuster feature!

This Would Be Epic!!
This Would Be Epic!!

According to, Lex Luthor will obtain Zod’s body and run experiments on it, most likely to find out if Superman has a weakness. While experimenting, he’ll accidentally trigger the "Doomsday genome," causing Zod’s body to reanimate into the Kryptonian monster. They also described Doomsday as being the "key to the DC Cinematic Universe going forward," meaning that he may have some role to play in other DC movies. Zod’s corpse being involved in the plot was rumored several months back, although there was no connection to Doomsday mentioned at the time. Doomsday himself has been mentioned to appear several times, with one report saying that he and Superman will fight during the film.

Check out the trailer above and vote down below!


Should The Epic Doomsday/Superman fight finally become a big blockbuster feature?


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