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Joseph Fuller

With the excitement of a new STAR WARS movie coming out in the next year, I am seeing an increase in articles about the whole series. Some articles are talking about the pros and cons of the prequels and some are about which series of trilogies are better.
In the past couple weeks; I have been rewatching the whole six part saga. With the help of Rebel Force Radio’s commentaries with Sam Witwer, I have rediscovered the STAR WARS saga.
What I am learning is the first trilogy is not as bad as nearly everyone thinks or says it is. With the insight of others I am seeing how good the whole saga really is. I do consider myself a casual fan of STAR WARS, so I don’t know every name of every character in the entire STAR WARS universe. I also think a lot of fans simply over think this movie and most do forget that George Lucas was the man who dreamed the whole thing up. He made movies he wanted to see.
So here is where I think I am putting my fat in the fire on STAR WARS. First off, IT IS A MOVIE! I seen article that pick the movies apart for all kinds of reason other than the merit of filmmaking. Lucas wanted to make an old fashion serial like he watched as a kid. Secondly I also keep seeing how the writing in the original trilogy was better than the prequels. Big new flash; same guy come up with all the stories but he did have help on from Lawrence Kasdan on the The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. On Attack of the Clones, he was helped by Jonathan Hales. So the writing on the prequels was almost solely done by Lucas. I think Kasdan may have been more responsible for the success of Empire and Jedi than most think. In the end I think because Lucas did the bulk of the writing in the prequels that was the main difference.
Another point I keep reading about the CGI usage in the prequels. In my personal opinion the CGI in the prequels are needed for the pure scale of what Lucas was trying to show. The CG characters were ok. They did what they had to do, which was act against real live actors. I think they pulled it off well. I have also heard in the commentary that is on the DVD from Lucas himself say people told him it looked too fake. His reply was a great one, IT IS ALL FAKE, IT’S A MOVIE.
Finally the biggest complaint I have seen is JAR JAR BINKS. No one says anything about the whole city populated by Jar Jars, but he alone screwed the whole movie up for all. Let’s be honest here I have never seen Jar Jar as nothing more than comic relief. In The Phantom Menace, he was exactly that, he served no real purpose other than a go between the humans and the Gungans and being funny. In the other two movies he takes on a more serious role as a representive of Naboo. Is Jar Jar Binks as bad most think that I will leave up to debate. My opinion of the prequels is this; I like them as in they help tell the story of Anakin Skywalker. Are they as good as the original trilogy, nothing is as good the original STAR WARS.


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