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As any American Horror Story fan knows, each season has characters that scare the sh*t out of us, entertain us, or make us feel sorry for them; And then there are those few characters that do all three of those things...

Well, this year Trick or Treat Studios, the leading seller in horror masks, has come up with amazingly detailed tributes to these few characters.

Due to be released in their 2015 catalog, the company has created three masks of iconic and memorable [American Horror Story](series:206668) characters at a sale price of around $50-$70 (judging on the price of their other masks). Here are those three characters...

1. Twisty the Clown

Well, of course he'd be one of them. Even though this character was only in a quarter of season four, he certainly left a mark. With so many fans dressing up like him on Halloween last year, there's no way Trick or Treat Studios could ignore him.

Created by Russ Lukich, the Twisty mask comes complete with real black hair drybrushed with green, red and yellow; like the actual character!

So beautiful *cries*
So beautiful *cries*

Not only was the mask designed complete with the smile mask, etc. but the smile mask (that's the only thing I can call it) is removable which is actually not that surprising. Underneath the mask is also incredibly detailed...


So incredibly detailed in fact, John Carroll Lynch even recommended it!

Shhhhhh bit*ch...
Shhhhhh bit*ch...

2. Bloody Face

The season two character, Bloody Face is one of the most psychotic villains to appear on the show (along with Dandy and Tate of course.) So it's only fair his creepy mask is replicated for others to enjoy!

Sculpted by Justin Mabry, this interpretation of the mask has a great amount of detail as well. With strands of (real) hair attached to the scalp and visible veins showing, imitating real skin; it's hard not to want it.

So pretty <3
So pretty <3

This mask is totally bada*s!

Seriously, how can any American Horror Story fan not want this?

3. Pepper

Of course, the lovable pin head Pepper isn't forgotten! Unfortunately though, Trick or Treat Studios has yet to release any pictures of the completed mask; so I will add pictures ASAP.


Here's Trick or Treat Studio's Pepper mask! Definitely what I'll be wearing next Halloween!

Trick or Treat Studios, you've done it again!
Trick or Treat Studios, you've done it again!


Which mask is on your "Must Have" list?


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