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Film 120 in the "1001 Films to See Before You Die" challenge is 1962's "Lawrence of Arabia." Written by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson, this film looks at the life of T.E. Lawrence and his experiences in the Arabian Peninsula during World War I, in particular his attacks on Aqaba and Damascus and his involvement in the Arab National Council. Holy crap this was long! 3 hours 37 minutes and that's with an intermission thrown in there! And it was 3 hours 37 minutes well spent. From the start to the end was fantastic. Even the little bits of detail were great. The music, the cinematography, the acting, the whole thing was just brilliant to watch. Even the music was great to listen to. Would have loved to have heard it in surround sound rather than the Beats Headphones I had on. Do I personally feel that the film should be shorter? Nope! Do I feel like this film deserves winning 7 Academy Awards including "Best Picture?" Yes! The other nominees were "The Longest Day", "The Music Man", "Mutiny on the Bounty" and "To Kill a Mockingbird". This film maybe over 50 years old but it still holds up as an absolute classic. Overall, I would defiantly recommend this! In 2008, Steven Spielberg had this to say about the film, "I walked out of the theater stunned and speechless... it just pulverized me." One critic who was very outspoken about the with was A.W. Lawrence, T.E. Lawrence's brother who sold the rights to the story to be made. If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I had to say while watching 1962's "Lawrence of Arabia"

Film - Lawrence of Arabia

Year - 1962

Director - David Lean

Written by - Robert Bolt, Michael Wilson

Staring - Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn

IMDb Rating - 8.4/10

My Rating - 8.65/10

Length - 217 min (3h 37min)

Genre - Adventure, Biography, Drama

This is gonna be a long one

Is it meant to have a black screen with no picture?

Over 4 minutes later and we finally get a picture

Better do some checks on my motorcycle before I ride away

So... Are we in England?

Nothing says England like road works with no one working on them

You idiot bikers!!! You made me crash!

Why are we in St Pauls Cathedral?

Is it a requirement for all men to wear top hats/bowler hats?

Let's kill time by painting a map

Now we're in Cairo

Did Lawrence take a stab at The Times newspaper?

Here's a fun trick - Light a match and let it burn your finger

How dare you ruin our game of snooker!

Time for a meeting about why we're in Cairo

The Arab Bureau wants Lawrence!

Sounds like Lawrence is helping them for three months

"How can I fight a bloody war without artillery?"

Lawrence has been tasked to find a Prince

How can you have fun in a desert?

Doesn't matter, we're in the desert

Time to watch the sun rise

SAND!!!!!!! Lots of it! - Well we are in a desert

What is Bedu?

From watching this, riding a camel isn't hard to do

You can get a boat from Oxford to Cairo?

So... everyone from Oxfordshire is fat! - Lawrence's words not mine

Why would you give someone you barely know your gun

Back to riding our camels through the desert

More riding camels

Let's a race to our destination

Good thing this well is here or we would be buggered

If this is filmed in a studio then I want to know where they got all that sand from

Someone's coming!

I can't tell but I think Peter O'Toole is wearing eyeliner

That's his mate dead!

I killed you for drinking from my well

I'll be having his gun now

Lawrence is being confronted by Ali

You won't tell me your name, then I'll be leaving

Good look finding your destination without your compass

Never mind, have it back

So... Lawrence is on his own but still has to travel with two camels?!?

Don't you love it when your all alone and you can sing really loud

Someone else is here

Not again?

Why am I riding camels when I could have got a plane

So... Are they bombing a camp site?

We will defeat these planes with swords

We must get the wounded to Yenbo

So they move the entire camp site 50 miles away from where they were bombed

Haha, you fell for the oldest trick in the book

We'll get our revenge by shoving a sword up your camel's ass

At camp, it's time for a reading of the Koran

Ali has arrived to the meeting

We must take over Aqaba if we can get supplies

Screw that! Head to Yenbo!

Their aim is to get to Damascus

Who's side is everyone on?

Time for Lawrence to have his say

Bloody wind is making my tent move!

Even this guy is wearing eyeliner

We need supplies of a miracle in order to survive

Wait... Lawrence has decided to wonder off into the desert in the middle of the night

Did Lawrence's ass just absorb a rock?

It's day and the two people who have been stalking Lawrence are sat with him

Lawrence has decided everyone should head to Aqaba

You can take Ali and 50 other men to Aqaba

Just don't tell Col. Brighton

Time to see if Lawrence's plan can be put into action

Even the two stalkers are following Lawrence to Aqaba

Let's claim some water by blending in with a camel

That failed!

They claim to be Lawrence's servents

Who builds a railway track in the middle of the station

Beyond the tracks is nothing but desert!

Just reached the one hour mark!

Looks like a sandstorm is heading their way

Don't fall asleep on your camel!

Your wasting water so you can shave!!

We must only travel by night to save supplies

So... They can use their capes as tents

Who left all these stones and boulders in our way?

We have to cross the rest of the desert by sunrise tomorrow morning or we are screwed

Looks like someones already feeling the effects and its barely night

We've done the hard part!

Looks like Gasim has disappeared!

Lawrence decides he will go back and leaves Ali in charge

The hunt for Gasim is on

Ali is so mad he's leaving his turban behind

Now it's day

Did both of Lawrence's servents get lost?

One is wandering around on the verge of death and the other is on a camel doing nothing

Meanwhile, everyone else is having a break with some water

I have no idea how he can see that very small blob coming towards him!

I can barely see it!!!!!!

Better head towards it

Lawrence has found both lost men!!!

Meanwhile, Ali and his men have made camp

How to get down a hill quickly - Roll down it!

Lawrence has returned

I don't need water! I'm too busy looking cool

I only accept water given to me by Ali

"Nothing is written"

How nice! You made my bed! Now I'll lie in it

Why does everyone call Lawrence "Aurens"?

Is Lawrence emplying that he is a bastard child?

Let's burn all of his clothes and make him one of our own

Let's try riding a camel in my new clothes

Well... Since I'm alone I can get a proper feel for my clothes and sword

Lawrence is now being confronted by Auda

I hired my son to work for me

I even let him have his own gun

INTERMISSION (I'm having dinner)

And we're back with 2 hour 11 minutes to go

Looks like Auda wants his water back

Ali confronts him

Your friends with the Prince Feisal? Then the water is yours

Auda demands Lawrence have dinner with him at Wadi Rumm

Ok, but I'm bringing my crew with me

So.... They invited everyone to watch them have dinner

Auda has no idea who The Arabs are?

Who is this other man who is with Lawrence and Ali?

"You trouble me like women"

Is Auda saying his dad is a scorpion? "Thy mother mated with a scorpion"

Looks like Auda and his crew have joined Lawrence and his crew to head to Aqaba

Where's that wailing coming from?

It's from the women on the mountain tops

It's giving me a headache! Glad I don't have surround sound

In the night, Lawrence and Ali get a look at Aqaba

They're not that far from it

Someone's been shot!

So... Both tribes will work together but hate each other

Lawrence has to kill Gasim so no tribes are offended!

I don't this gun anymore!

Time to attack Aqaba

Did he die from a horse jumping over him?

I'm guessing Lawrence and co. have taken Aqaba

We need boats from Yenbo for The Arab army

There's no gold in Aqaba!!!!

Lawrence is making The Crown of England pay Auda 5000 golden guineas within 10 days

He'll even give them guns for free

Time to head back to Cairo

Which means we have to cross the desert.... again!!!


Well... That's him dead

And we've lost two camels

The barbed wire makes it's third straight apperance in the last three films I've reviewed

Looks like this place has been raided

We've found the river

And we're back in Cairo with Lawrence and his servant riding on the back of truck

Everyone looks like they've seen a ghost

Lawrence explains everything to the new General

He then turns down the offer to become Major after admitting he's killed two people

How has Lawrence managed to keep his hair the same throughout the film?

Time for a long walk back to the bar

Lawrence admits he's heading back to Aqaba

Let's have a Custard Cream with our beers

Why is everyone staring at me?

It's to congratulate me? Well ok then

Now it's time for the film to have it's own intermission


80 minutes to go!!!!!

And we're back in Aqaba

Who hired the news reporter?

He's from the Chicago Courier newspaper and wants to interview Lawrence

Instead he interviews someone else

37 wounded and 156 dead within 4 months

The reporter says he's here to write a story about Lawrence and the war

Meanwhile, Lawrence is blowing up railway lines

Just casually taking pictures while everyone dies around me

Now is our time to strike

I've found an umbrella

Lawrence has been shot!

Jesus! Auda just chopped someone in half

Don't take a photo of me or I'll break your camera

Here comes Ali and Col. Brighton

"They can only kill me with a golden bullet"

Ali learns politics from children's books?!?

Time for Lawrence to be interviewed

"They hope to gain their freedom"

I like the desert because it's clean

I robbed him for a broken clock

Oh no! Not the train carrying horses!!

Why does one white horse get it's own carriage?

Nice to see Lawrence's servent is going well

Time to steal us the horses

Or at least set them free

Let's set them free

Auda says he's leaving because he has what he wants... a new horse!

You can keep the train as an award

Time to blow up and rob another train

I just had the detonator and now I've lost it!

The servent has been detonated!

We have no choice but to kill him


Meanwhile, Col. Brighton has a chat with the General

You spitting is not how we settle arguements

Lawrence and Ali have now been captured by the Turkish

Why does one of the Turkish guards look like Carlos Tevez?

You're 27? BULLSHIT!!!!

So... We're in Deraa?

Why does the cut on his arm look like an eye?

If Lawrence has been in the desert for so long why is he pale?

You guys whip Lawrence while I use the toilet

All that whipping and not even a flinch

Meanwhile, Ali listens on from outside

They've chucked Larence out on the street in a puddle of shit

How did we get into the mountains?

Have we gone from Egypt to Switzerland?

I've been lying to you! My skin colour is proof

Time to see the General in Jerusalem for a better job

Lawrence has put Ali back in charge of his men and leaves them

Where did Lawrence get the suit from?

Oh great! The reporter's back!

Don't talk about the French!!!!

I'll leave through the back door

Time for the Sykes-Picot talk

Where did the blood on his back come from?

The reporter is taking credit for Lawrence's popularity

So... Has Lawrence returned?

The reporter arrives on a delivery truck

I've started my own tribe with purple

To Damascus!

Bloody hell! The reporter's truck has broken down!

Bet he makes it to Damascus

Meanwhile, The English army are planning their attack

So... Has this film been everyone versus Turkey?

Where did the Scottish Army come from?

Back with the Turkish who have killed all the woman and wounded all men

Fuck this shit! I'll kill them all myself!

And that guy is dead!

Now it's time to attack the Turkish

One sword swing can kill four people?!?

I killed that guy without even touching him

That the Turkish dead!

How did those sheep survive?

Did Lawrence turn into a murderer?

What did I say? The reoprter would find Lawrence

He's arrived on a camel!

Excuse me while I steal a grape from you

Lawrence has already taken Damascus and set up a base in the town hall

The town hall is now the Arab National Council

I can't focus on anything with all this racket

Meeting on hold to sort out a fire

How many petitions?

Who needs war when I can practise my fishing skills?

Everyone is leaving

Just the leaders of each tribes stay behind

Auda leaves saying Lawrence will return to the desert sooner than he thinks

Ali is staying so he can learn politics

Back with the British Army

Lawrence has called a meeting with the General's mate

Somehow Lawrence finds Turkish in pain funny

Prince Feisal has a chat with The British

Lawrence is now a Colonel in The British Army

And he's being sent home

Feisal wants to be king!

British water ran by The Arab Army!

Lawrence has left and is one his way home via the desert



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