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Loki's a genius of tricks
Loki's a genius of tricks

Chapter 2

Location: New York

Loki, with his knowledge of the different paths where you can travel through the Nine Realms, teleported himself and his new allies to New York with hopes of putting his plan to action.
“So your partner is here?” – Lex Luthor
“Yes he does have and hideout nearby.” – Loki
“Humm are you sure this plan will work?” – Two Face
“Relax, trust me.” – Loki
Loki and his allies go into an alley where Loki pulls a lever that makes them fall in some kind of well and go straight into a secret base of a team of villains. But it happens that Spider-Man was watching that alley from above the buildings and end up visualizing this new villains.
“Meet the Sinister Six!” – Loki
“Loki? What do you do down here?” – Doctor Octopus
“I bring good news, Ock. Let me introduce you to my new partners: Luthor, Two Face, Deathstroke, Bane and that one over there is Joker.” – Loki
“That’s fine Loki. I think you know the rest of the crew too. That’s Electro, Kraven, Mysterio, Sandman and Vulture. Well so tells us about those good news.” – Doctor Octopus
“You’ve heard about Thanos right? The Mad Titan who wants to rule the Universe and destroy the Avengers and anyone who gets in his way? Have you heard haven’t you?” – Loki
“Of course we’ve heard. It’s hard not to known about such powerful being.” – Electro
“Well I got a plan to steal his throne and destroy the Avengers.” – Loki
“Go on…” – Doctor Octopus
“Thanos sent a team of superheroes from another Universe to destroy the Avengers claiming that they are trying to destroy our Universe. My plan is for us to gather the most powerful villains on Earth and then help that team of superheroes destroying the Avengers. Then we tell them the truth about Thanos and start a riot against him taking him down unwarned.” – Loki
“Sounds doable… Do you think we have a chance against Thanos?” – Doctor Octopus
“With the help of these superheroes there isn’t no way of failing. Lex make a quick description of their powers.” – Loki
“Ok the guy with the blue suit, some call him Superman, got super strength, super speed, he’s quite smart too, can fly, heat vision, x-ray vision, excellent hearing, ice breath just to name a few characteristics.” – Lex Luthor
“Well I see why they call him Superman ahah.” – Vulture
“The one in the black suit that looks like a bat is super clever and use a bunch of devices to stop us. He’s very good on camouflage too.” – Two Face
“Hate that guy!” – Joker
“The girl in the red and blue clothes also has super strength, speed, flight and some magical stuff too.” – Lex Luthor
“Can we keep the chick? Ahaha.” – Kraven
“And then there’s a green one with a ring that gives him powers, another who in aquatic ambient is really dangerous, one with super but really super speed, a green alien, an archer and a few more.” – Lex Luthor
“They seem powerful enough.” – Doctor Octopus
“And by the way? Who are those friends of your? What can they do?” – Kraven
“They are like us, but in another Universe. A little detail: they can never be seen by these new superheroes or our plan will just flush away. They will serve as our consultants seem as they don’t have powers like us. They will prepare tactics so we can familiarize with these guys.” – Loki
“I don’t have any powers but I can’t cut you in little pieces in a blink of an eye.” – Deathstroke
“Easy big boy. I wasn't trying to offend you. You just need to keep under the radar so this plan doesn't blow up.” – Loki
“But we want something in return. After you destroy Thanos you'll have to catch those rocks and arrest the Justice League, that’s what they’re called, in those cosmic chains before we return to our Universe.” – Lex Luthor
“Doable. What do you say my friends? Will you join me?” – Loki
“We will.” – Doctor Octopus
“Good, good! Well now we must gather the maximum number of villains we can. We’ll meet you soon.” – Loki
“Deal.” – Doctor Octopus
Loki and his allies get out of the base and go back to an unknown place but as they leave Spider-Man takes them photos and goes to the Stark Mansion in order to show them to the Avengers.

And here are the Avengers.
And here are the Avengers.

Subchapter 2.1

Location: Stark Mansion

As the role of guests, the Avengers were reunited in the Stark Mansion for another party hosted by the one and only Tony Stark.
“Hello and thank you very much for coming to another one of my awesome private parties were only the A-list heroes are invited. Don’t tell it to Fury. Well, let’s celebrate so hun?” – Iron Man
“Celebrate what? We haven’t done anything special this week.” – Captain America
"Oh you killjoy… Every time you came to my house is time for celebrate ok? So let’s go.” – Iron Man
“If you say so…” – Captain America
“Natasha, Banner, Barton c’mon! Don’t look so entertained c’mon! Looks like we’re on the middle of war time…” – Iron Man
“We’re always on war… We never know when the next attack may come so we might as well be prepared.” – Black Widow
“Agreed.” – Hawkeye
“In Asgard parties are different. They use to be full of people dancing around and enjoying.” – Thor
“Hey look, Thor wants to organize a rave here ahah.” – Iron Man
The door bell rings.
“Oh crap… Party crashers again… This people just don’t learn.” – Iron Man
Tony opens the door and finds Spider-Man with a worried look.
“Hey Peter… Hu… I don’t know if you saw but we’re in a middle of a party only for A-list superheroes so…” – Iron Man
“There are new bad guys on the block and I fear that they might be planning something with big proportions.” – Spider Man
“And how do you know that?” – Iron Man
“I took this pictures nearby one of Sinister Six hideouts and I saw Thor’s brother with these people that I’ve never seen before. Just take and see it.” – Spider Man
“Hey guys come here and check this. Looks like Loki’s back and he's planning something.” – Iron Man
“Loki? He’s been missing for weeks.” – Thor
“Ok we must know more about these new guys. Spidey, can you put people on the streets patrolling and gathering information?” – Iron Man
“Oh yeah I can talk to Matt and Luke and some more people to patrol.” – Spider Man
“Good, you did well coming to us. Meanwhile, Natasha send this pics to Fury so he can see if S.H.I.E.L.D. knows something about them.” – Iron Man
“Ok…” – Black Widow
“Just because of this work, Peter, I officially invite you to my private party. Be careful not to mess around with Banner or he will destroy all of this ahah.” – Iron Man
“Very funny, Stark.” – Hulk
Suddenly, Ant-Man embraces his normal size right in the middle of the room, scaring everyone cause nobody known he was there.
“Hey?! What the hell?” – Iron Man
“Scott? What were you doing there?” – Captain America
“Well, point one: nobody invites me to this parties so I normally come without anyone’s knowledge. Second point: I just couldn’t ignore this conversation and I have to analyze those pictures right away.” – Ant-Man
“Oh Scott… I didn’t know you felt like that.” – Black Widow
“No hard feelings, but we must analyze those pictures with the attention that it needs.” – Ant-Man
“Let the tiny man talk… But let’s get back to our party and it looks like soon we’ll have the rave Thor always wanted.” – Iron Man
“Very amusing Tony. This must be taken to S.H.I.E.L.D. as soon as possible so it may be analyzed properly. I can take them personally as it seems you’re all more interested in partying.” – Ant-Man
“I think you’re right. I’ll join you.” – Captain America
“Me too. This party sucks anyway…” – Black Widow
“Ok then, go. In the morning I’ll know even more than you.” – Iron Man
“Sure…” – Captain America
Captain America, Black Widow and Ant-Man leave the Stark Mansion on their way to S.H.I.E.L.D.
“Ok what about us hun?” – Iron Man
“Meh I’m going to my quarters sleep so soon in the morning we’ll be in S.H.I.E.L.D. too.” – Thor
“Yeah and I must ride my bike cause not everyone can fly…” – Hulk
“Ok then I go talk to my people… See ya soon.” – Spider Man
“Yeah yeah… go… Party ruiner…” – Iron Man
“I was kinda starting to like this party ahah good night everyone…” – Hawkeye

The Sinister Six return
The Sinister Six return

Subchapter 2.2

Location: Another Sinister Six hideout

It’s been a week since Sinister Six and Loki with his crew have their last meeting and now they reunite again.
“Well it’s been a week. Who’s with us?” – Loki
“I’ve talked to Rhino and Scorpion and clearly they’re with us. Venom was hard to convince but I think he’ll join us too.” – Doctor Octopus
“Dr. Curtis Connor, A.K.A. the Lizard, should join too.” – Kraven
“But the new heavyweight recruit is already here ahah.” – Green Goblin
“And who are you?” – Loki
“My name is Norman Osbourne. I’m the owner of Oscorp Industries and I own this suit and all this equipment which is full of surprises.” – Green Goblin
“I like surprises.” – Joker
“And did you bring more people to our team?” – Loki
“Oh yes I did… General Ross, in his redful state, The Leader and I even convinced Magneto to join us with some of his mutants so… you’re welcome.” – Green Goblin
“Wow, I wasn't expecting Magneto. Good job.” – Loki
“And who did you gathered, Loki?” – Doctor Octopus
“Well… Don’t be scared with all this power… I only brought to our team The Mandarin, Ultron, Red Skull, Abomination and the mighty, Victor.” – Loki
“Doctor Doom?!” – Doctor Octopus
“Wow, know this is getting interesting.” – Green Goblin
“That man was creepy.” – Lex Luthor
“So I guess I’ve won ahah but that’s not the point. The point is that we finally are assembling a team that only for itself could deal with the Avengers but were more ambitious…” – Loki
“Well I think it’s time for us to go. Later we must reunite all those villains in a super meeting so we can create a strategy to fulfill our plan.” – Lex Luthor
“Ok see ya soon then…” – Doctor Octopus
Loki and his crew leave the base but as they were leaving they are surprised by Punisher, who was at the time patrolling that alley as requested by Spider-Man.
“Hey you stop!” – Punisher
Before someone said anything, Deathstroke fires two shots hitting Punisher with both of them.
“Nice shots.” – Loki
“Don’t forget those…” – Deathstroke
“C’mon let’s go before someone sees us.” – Lex Luthor
The bad guys escape with the help of Loki’s powers and leave Punisher wounded on the ground contorting himself with his pain. After a few minutes, Daredevil, on his patrol, finds Punisher on the ground and picks him up to take him to S.H.I.E.L.D. so he can receive the proper treatment but they get intercepted by Carnage. It’s the middle of the night, and Carnage do not hesitate in attacking Daredevil but, fortunately, Spider-Man appears to help.
“Go Matt, go! I’ll take care of him. Go!” – Spider-Man
“Thanks, I’ll came back with help.” – Daredevil
Spider-Man tries to fight Carnage but he’s too powerful and starts beating the crap out of Peter Parker. But moments later, Luke Cage and Iron Fist finally appear requested by The Man Without Fear, A.K.A. Daredevil.
“Matt send us to help you, Spidey.” – Luke Cage
“Oh he’s getting too much hurt. He must hurry.” – Iron Fist
Iron Fist and Luke Cage attack Carnage and succeed in push him away ending up a little worn too. They grab Spider-Man and move immediately to S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to give Spider-Man treatment too. While Punisher and Spider-Man are receiving treatment, director Nick Fury goes talk to the street heroes.
“Ok boys, tell us everything you know.” – Nick Fury
“I only found Punisher on the street with two bullet wounds near an alley that allegedly is used by the Sinister Six. Then, Carnage attacked me and Spider-Man came to help.” – Daredevil
“And we found Spider-Man fighting Carnage and we pushed Carnage away.” – Luke Cage
“Ok gentleman. We need to know who did this to Punisher. Nobody does patrol on their own starting now. All of you must get a partner so this doesn’t happen again.” – Nick Fury
“Ok sir.” – Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist
“Seems like we’re going to need more allies to stop this new guys.” – Nick Fury
“Aren’t the Avengers enough?” – Luke Cage
“I'm afraid they ain’t. We’re gonna need you and probably the Fantastic Four too. I got some more contacts so don’t worry. I don’t want anyone alone. Spread the message.” – Nick Fury

So this is Chapter 2. In chapter 3 we'll go back to The Justice League mission.

A little Disclaimer advice: I do not own any of the characters present on this story. They belong to Marvel, DC Comics and their respective owners. I only made this for entertaining purposes.


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