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Hello Guys!

Today I'm going to talk about the man in stars and stripes.

Let us start!

Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and Cap made his first appearens in Captain America #1, that was released in March 1941.

Captain America's sidekick "Bucky" was named after Joe Simon's friend, who was the star of the high school basket ball team.

Joe Simon got his partner and friend the famous Jack Kirby the job to pencil the book and then after a month or so the first issue of Captain America was out on the market.

First Issue Of Captain America
First Issue Of Captain America

As you can see the front page of the comic book is a picture of Captain America punching the nazi-leader Adolf Hitler in the face. The reason for this was because the issue was released under the WWII, so the showed a american soldier aka Cap punching the douchebag Hitler. The issue sold nearly a million copies.

In the third issue, the one and only Stan Lee contributed to the character in the filler text story, Captain America boil the traders revenge which introduce us to the characters use of his shield as a returning throwing weapon.

In the post-war air the popularity of super heroes was failing which openly lead to the cancelation of Captain America comics with issue 75 in 1950 by then the comic was primarily a horror book. Any way Cap was attempted to be brought back in 1954 with Captain America Comics issue 76, but the attempt failed and ended at issue 78.

Captain America then came back in 1964 in on of the best issues in my opinion and that will be in The Avengers issue 4 when the Avengers found him in the ice.

That was all about his first issues, but now I'm going to talk about his origin.


Back in 1940 just a couple of months after the outbreak of WWII in europe, a young patriot named Steve Rogers was inspired to serve his country by joining the United States Army. When he attempted to enlist he was rejected due to a skinny anemic physique .

However to garner the attention certain people including scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine was searching for suitable volunteers / test subjects for a top secret experimental program designed to create a army of super soldiers.

As of result of operation rebirth Steve Rogers was given speed, strength and flexibility endurance and agility up nearly superhuman levels. These coupled with his unwavering courage and never-say-die attitude eventually made him Captain America a living legend.

In Issue 4 of the Avengers the group found him in the ice and brought him aboard. At first they didn't think that it was Cap so they made some test of his abilities and of cause he passes. And after that he starts to remember and starts to tell the Avengers about how he got frozen over 20 years ago.

Once when they make it to land the Avengers welcome him to the team. After that the Avengers mysteriously turned in to stone which leaves Captain America to figure out what's going on and save the day.

Death and Resurrection

Yes he has died and yes he resurrected because no one stays dead in the comics.

During the storyline civil war, which had half of the Marvel heroes been for registration act having their secret identities publicly known and the other half being against it. Captain America is taken in to custody, while in custody Crossbones snipes him and hitting cap in the shoulder. While Sharon Cart, who has been brainwashed, delivers the killing blow. And all of that happened in Captain America issue 25.

The Death of Captain America
The Death of Captain America

After Cap dies, his old sidekick Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier follows in Steve Rogers footsteps and becoming the new Captain America. I'm not going to go in more on that.

As for the Steve Rogers resurrection is later revealed in Captain America: Reborn issue 1, that Steve Rogers did not die of course and that the gun Sharon Carter had been hypnotized to use actually cause Rogers two bays in and out of space and time appearing in different events in his lifetime in fighting battles.

The Red Skull returns to present where he takes control of Rogers mind and body. Rogers eventually regains control and with the help from his allies defeats the Red skull by the end of the miniseries

In appalling one-shot comic "Captain America: who wield the shield", Rogers formally granted Bucky his Captain America shield and ask his former sidekick to continue as Captain America.

The Shield

During "the fear itself" storyline following the apparent death of Bucky at the hands of Sin. Then Steve Rogers ends up changing in to his Captain America uniform ones again and taking up the role of Captain America once again.

When the Avengers and the new Avengers are fighting the Serpent ends up joining the battle and breaks Captain Americas shield with his bare hands.

When it comes to the final battle Captain America uses Thor's hammer to fight the Serpent and manage to kill him. In the aftermath of the battle Iron Man presents him to his reforged shield which is now stronger.

Fun fact: Captain America became so popular that he had his own fan club called the sentinels of Liberty.

Captain America reading recommendation:

  • Captain America issue 1
  • Avengers Issue 4
  • Captain America issue 109
  • Captain America: Man out of time
  • Captain America volume 1: masterworks
  • The Death of Captain America the complete collection
  • Civil war
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Well that was all from me for this time and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it for you.

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