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Ultron is powerful. I mean, freakishly powerful.

In the comics, Ultron's abilities include everything from being indestructible, controlling people's minds, to assuming control of anything electronic, time travel, and uploading his consciousness to other models (so theoretically can never truly die). It seems to be a trend with the MCU powerhouses, that they are powered down from their comic counterparts. Regardless, if you don't know much about Ultron, just take my word that he would still be

So that being said... how the hell do the Avengers stand a chance? He literally strikes 10/10 for almost every category of super-villainy.

Let's take a look at the main Avengers' chances of taking down the adamantium Colossus!

Captain America

In a straight up fight I think anybody would expect Ultron to win handily, but Cap has qualities that no other avenger possess. He is a tactical genius, master of stealth and is excellent at executing strikes to take down much more powerful foes than himself. Cap is not the sort of avenger that normally would win the battles like Hulk or Thor, he is the avenger that would win you the war.

On his own he would not stand much of a chance against a foe as powerful and hyper intelligent as Ultron, but his shield gives him a fighting chance as it is composed of the same indestructible metal as Ultron himself. Therefor he could theoretically do some major damage if he could get close enough.

Captain Rogers has many loyal friends he could call to his aid to help execute these plans. Black Widow, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Nick Fury...oh and not to mention half of (what was) S.H.I.E.L.D.

Iron Man + Tony Stark

Tony is a smart guy to put it mildly. In the comics Reed Richards, Hank Pym, Bruce Banner and himself are the four smartest people on Earth. On top of this Tony Stark has a legion of armored suits that he can either wear or command. In short he is both the brain and the muscle.

However, Ultron is physically a lot stronger than anything Stark can throw at him not to mention more intelligent. "Sure Stark still has an army of super powered armored suits and robot-drones to fight by his side!" you may say. But don't forget, Ultron has a drone army as well, each one so powerful that She-Hulk only lasted a few seconds against a handful before she was killed.

So if you take both armies out of the equation (though Ultron's are stronger), Stark is still screwed. Ultron takes control of any system he touches. All it takes is for Ultron to touch Iron Man once and he is then a prisoner in his own suit. In essence, Ultron is Stark's kryptonite.

Hulk + Bruce Banner

The Hulk. Ultron, just like the rest of Earth, will have a hard time trying to manage the monster. Physically Hulk is obviously stronger. But I'd bet my flat that Ultron is faster, more skilled, more intelligent and more durable. Hulk's healing factor would come into play heavily against Ultron as Ultron would undoubtedly attack at a distance. His weak mind is easily exploited as well, which would allow for Ultron to control the monster's mind (we can't tell if this ability will be in the MCU though).

Bruce Banner is an incredibly intelligent man, true. Though just like Tony Stark, this counts for little against a hyper-genius mind like Ultron. Though that wouldn't stop Bruce from doing damage to Ultron's cyber-infrastructure.
This is a tough one to call.


Not only the most powerful avenger, but one of the most powerful superheroes in both Marvel/DC. From warping reality, opening portals, and incalculable magical power at one end and Hulk level strength, energy absorption/projection, and the God blast technique (which kills immortals) at the other end.

This guy is crazy crazy powerful. It kind of makes sense that Thor in the MCU has been nerfed heavily when you think about it. Nothing in the MCU would be considered a challenge for him otherwise. But this doesn't escape the fact that Thor has very, very, very powerful friends. For example, his two strongest allies are Hercules and Beta Ray Bill. Both of which would level any superhero team on Earth....and I haven't even mentioned the Asgardian armies Thor commands (well, I guess now I have). ANYWAY!

On the other side of the coin, the Asgardian is no where near as intelligent as Ultron. He can destroy as many Ultrons as he wants with his enchanted Uru hammer but he will never truly be able to destroy the source without advice.

Scarlet Witch

Much like Thor, Scarlet Witch has too many powers to list off. She can warp dimensions and the minds of anybody she wishes. Reality is her play thing. She is easily one of the most powerful mutants on Earth.

With her and Ultron it would be a matter of who strikes first wins. Other than her reality warping/hex powers, Scarlet Witch is simply human and can die very easily. Very little is known on the extent of the MCU Scarlet Witch. My guess is she will be nerfed heavily just like Thor, though.


Ultron created the Vision for a single mission. Destroy the Avengers. The best way to describe the vision is if Iron Man and the Martian Man Hunter had a steamy night in a motel then Vision would be the result. In some ways, Vision is more advanced than even Ultron though physically a lot weaker. He is a hard call, though always a fan favorite.

He is a very interesting character and shares much of his characteristics and abilities with Martian Man Hunter (DC). I've got to say that it would make for a satisfying ending if Ultron was un-made by that which he himself made. But there is very little to go by, for the MCU Vision has not yet shown off his abilities yet (obviously).


Who has the best chance against Ultron?

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