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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing more and more every year, fans keep on anticipating whether or not they’ll see their favorite characters come to life in big screen comic book pictures. While the guys behind the MCU haven’t really disappointed us yet to the point where we have given up on the franchise, there are a few characters that could be added that can be real game changers. By game changers I mean that these characters can take the MCU into a whole new view or direction that can either mean disaster or unbelievable awesomeness.

1. Blade

Probably the most obvious, to me anyway, on this list. While I do enjoy the idea and story behind the character of Blade, can we really accept vampires in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after all the Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries bullshit. Yeah the comics portray a more traditional view on vampires where they kill and feed on people but incorporating Blade in the same universe of Iron Man, Captain America, and The Guardians of the Galaxy can be a real tricky job, maybe even more tricky than the gamble of the Guardians of the Galaxy motion picture. Is Blade unbelievably badass? Yes. Do we want to see vampires and maybe even Dracula in the MCU? Ehhhh…. Let’s see how Ant-Man and Doctor Strange does.

2. The Punisher

The Punisher is probably one of the most anticipated characters to appear in the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series but if Punisher is officially a part of the MCU, what could that mean? Well, it would mean we would be heading the darker and more gory path of the Marvel Universe. The idea behind Punisher is that he’s a vigilante who hunts down petty criminals and mafia officials and murders them in the most painful and terrifying way possible. There is really nothing PG-13 about this character, although the Thomas Jane movie tried, and then the MCU would not be this huge, colorful and kid-friendly franchise it’s built itself to be. While I would love to a more R rated portion of the MCU, it may not be received well by over-protective Moms and people with weak stomachs.

3. Namor

Fans have been wondering when they are going to see Marvel’s Sub-Mariner on the big screen and I can’t really say I know why. Namor in the comics isn’t really that interesting in my opinion and he was kind of an annoying dick too. However, introducing Namor to the MCU will also introduce audiences to the underwater world of the Marvel universe including mermaids, fish people and other aquatic creatures. This is because Namor is the leader of the underwater city of Atlantis and has real hatred for the land people. Would it be impossible to bring Namor to the MCU? No, but I think it would be on the same level difficulty as Blade. Just picturing that the same movie universe that introduced Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and other great actors in iconic roles could have underwater fish people from Atlantis is kinda goofy… And I’m one of the biggest fans of Marvel around.

4. Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider

With Doctor Strange officially joining the MCU in 2016, we can expect to be introduced to the mystical realms of the Marvel Universe. This could mean the introduction of the demon world (a.k.a Hell) and that means we could be seeing characters like Memphisto, Dormammu and Surtur (Who we’ll probably see in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok). This also goes for Ghost Rider who also makes a living of fighting demons and sending them back down to Hell. The introduction to Ghost Rider, however, is another way the MCU could go down the R rated path with the Punisher. If Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider are to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we could have a whole new way of seeing the Marvel Universe, like Guardians of the Galaxy did.


Who do think would be the biggest game changer to the MCU


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