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With the year of 2015 now upon us we should soon hopefully be able to look forward to some officially released trailers for the new Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice movie. Which for all intensive purposes is the prelude to an official Justice league movie.

A trailer for this was supposedly revealed to those who were at the Comic Con of 2014 *SPOILER ALERT* This trailer supposedly featured our favourite dark knight in his mechanised bat suit walking across a roof top towards the bat signal. He then turns on the signal which then illuminates the sky. In the sky is Superman with glowing red badass eyes, then they have a staredown and the trailer ends. *END OF SPOILER*

A trailer was rumoured to be shown with the release of the Hobbit: the battle of five armies. As of course we all know there was no such trailer.

Now recent rumours have indicated that a trailer may be shown with the release of Jupiter Ascending. I personally hope the these rumours are very true because I'm dying for a trailer. Whether this will be the same trailer as the one from comic con remains to be seen.

I personally hope for a trailer that would show off a little of the characters to be in it like of course the main ones, Ben Afleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, and of course Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I'm hoping to see some of the other characters too like Cyborg, aquaman and how Jessie Eisenberg will look as Lex Luthor. However I know that this is quite early and the filming is not even complete so this would be a big ask.

Despite all the skepticism I am optimistic about this movie. There's a great cast, Zack Snyder as a director, I imagine Hans Zimmer will compose an amazing soundtrack and great CGI from Man Of Steel. It has potential to be a complete blockbuster if they can nail down an excellent story.

While we don't expect to see the full on classic Batman, Superman relationship that we all know and love but I expect to see a glimpse of it. I'd also like to see some of the fiersome intellect that Batman is known and loved for. After all, he is a man among these super powered beings.


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