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Tim Burton: An amazing film director with so many wonderful movies on his name. Poeple know him best by his dark humor, gothicstyle and reference to cartoons and horrormovies.

Johnny Depp: An actor with a lot of strange but also beautiful movie parts on his list. He is among others People's Choice Awards winner for best male actor and Golden Globe winner for best actor in a musical or comedy (Sweeney Todd).

Helena Bonham Carter: An actress who's roles are full of diversity it just keeps amazing me. She was nominated for Supporting Actress in The King's Speech and won a National Board of Review Award for The Wings of the Dove.

I don't know about you guys, but every movie they made together was (in my eyes) a hugh succes. For example:

Maybe I'm crazy for suggesting this, but since there's coming a new Pirates of the Caribbean and Johnny Depp is already in this movie franchise: what about including Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter to this Pirate party? (Or maybe do some kind of spin-off, I don't know)


What do you think about Tim Burton, Johnny Depp & Helena Bonham Carter working together?


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