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This is a repost from of an article from 1/20/15. It is posted here by myself, the original author.

I own and write for a horror movie news site where we support the indie horror industry. We value it, give it the respect it deserves, recognize all the hard work that goes into amazing films made with lots of talent on a small budget. And we will defend indie horror. We will defend new actors trying to enter a genre they love. And so, with this in mind, we will now expose the con-man Ramiro Avendano for the fraud he is, once and for all, with solid, undeniable evidence.

Ramiro Avendano is the supposed writer, director, and star of supposed upcoming zombie film “Zombie Reign”. Amid allegations of fraud and worse, he has continued on the same course for almost a decade, leaving a trail of manipulation and lies.

The Zombie Reign IMDB page
The Zombie Reign IMDB page

Horror author Tim Miller was attached to this “production” when he started to notice strange things. He has since removed himself from the production after coming to the conclusion that, quite simply, it’s a con. Says Tim on his website

I saw the casting call on a friend’s Facebook who was and still is, dating Ramiro. We took the kids to sign up as zombie extras. When it finally came time for the first shoot, it was in front of The Alamo in downtown San Antonio which was pretty exciting. Though several months had passed by then, and my step daughter no longer wanted to do it. My step son who was seven at the time went, but the makeup area was very crowded and hot, plus seeing some of the gory makeup made him sick to his stomach.
So I stepped in as a zombie while my wife took him home. The shoot itself was fun. I was really exhausted after running around for hours. I was 40 and out of shape, so I started out as a running zombie but ended up more of a lurching zombie.
He later told us that a production company in Las Vegas called DK Productions would be financing this mess and investing $9 million into it.

That last line? It holds the damning evidence that will finally expose Avendano once and for all. But first, let’s see what brought us to where we are.

Mr. Miller started thinking there was something weird going on with the film. Red Flags were going up, including:

The few scenes actually shot were shot using iPads and iPhones.

No one met with or exchanged any form of contact with anyone with DK Productions aside from, allegedly, Avendano himself.

No one has seen a script.

No one on the production team having any film experience or any sort of relation to the film community.

The list goes on. Strange things to be sure, but all circumstantial. Do not worry, dear reader, the meat of the evidence is yet to come. What got me on board to try to put a stop to this man was the following statements from former casts members, as obtained by Mr. Miller:

The following is from an anonymous source wishing only to be known as “Karen”:

Once I got the part, they explained to me that I would be cast as the “lead” in the project so of course I was ecstatic. Ramiro and Cynthia stated that contracts would be coming in two weeks after my audition and asked if I would be okay with kissing the lead male. At that point I said, sure and jokingly asked if the lead male looked anything like Rick Grimes by any chance. Ramiro said, “Well its me, so you’ll be kissing me…. I hope that’s ok.” I obviously wasn’t thrilled about it but as an actor agreed & was told I would have a contract signed before any kissing scenes as stated by RA. Months went by, multiple kissing scenes later, still no contract, all the proof that I had was that there are other cast mates (extremely loyal, dedicated cast mates) so I held my own & stayed on board. Nothing was ever made clear. If I had a question I never felt like I walked away from it with confidence, and that’s what we need from any professional director. nothing added up. Ramiro kept promising that contracts were coming… and finally they did. About a month or so after signing, he calls a meeting for Comic Con at his house. That is when he very vaguely, nonchalantly states “The contracts we all signed are null, they’re void… I know some of you already knew that but we are getting new ones with more money on them”.
Anytime anyone asked asked a question or showed any doubt, his immature self would push back production. How professional!
The funniest thing I ever heard him say was that Robert kirkman (writer/creatore of the walking dead) stole his idea and created the Walking Dead with it. Robert kirkman wrote the graphic novels so damn long ago, I knew Ramiro was was full of shit.
The fact that several people including several children fell ill because of lack of water/food on set really pissed me off. This was the biggest red flag to me. I have been on a number of different shoots in my life and this occurrence was the most unprofessional, unorganized by far. An ambulance & EMS came to help this one little girl because she suffered from heat exhaustion. Ramiro never apologized to anyone, he knew people were sick and continued to film… (With cell phones and ipads).
As far as I know, nobody has met Kim (the investor). I spoke with Taeko Baird, the new ‘casting director’ and asked her if she had met Kim. She said she hasn’t but feels like she knows her because Ramiro has told her a lot about her. (what the hell does that mean). Taeko was very disrespectful to me during our meeting because I told her that I was losing faith. She was very uninspiring & flat out rude. I expressed my concerns to her, Ramiro and my agent. I agreed to move forward as far as promotions but would not be filming without contracts. Taeko and Ramiro kept insisting that the upcoming workshops are mandatory but my agent reminded them with that nothing is mandatory without contracts. Which when I asked about they said they aren’t sure when would would be available to the actors.
There are several people, agencies, who won’t have anything to do with actors or crew of ZR because of it’s reputation.
There were too many casting calls to keep up with.
Was supposed to film at the SA zombie Walk and recieve my first pay check but guess what? That never happened.

He said, she said, all this really amounts to is hearsay, yes? Well, what about corroborating claims?

Says Mr. Miller:

I also spoke to another former female cast member who was 17 when she was originally cast. She also wishes to remain anonymous. However, she stated that when she was cast, he told her she would be his love interest and there would be some kissing scenes. Now here is some side info. This cast member has some serious health issues. Her money she was to earn from Zombie Reign would help pay for her surgery.
So Ramiro (who is now 44 yrs old) made her (while still 17) practice several kissing scenes with him. According to her, he also told her that their characters were in love, so she needed to make him fall in love with her for real for it to be authentic on screen. I’m starting to wonder just how many female “leads” there are in this “production”.
When she balked at these advances, he told her that if she wouldn’t agree to it, he would just cast someone else in her role, so she’d get no money and couldn’t get her surgery. So yes, he’s pressuring a 17 year old girl to method act their on screen romance into real life (with no script mind you) and using her health issues and promise of paying for her surgery as leverage. The more I learn about this guy the more I’m coming to the conclusion he is absolutely evil.

Another testimony, from one Shailee Winnett to Tim Miller:

I am noticing a lot of overlapping claims, aren’t you? Another actress, also wishing anonymity, shared some screencaps with Mr. Miller:

Why show you these? They aren’t hard evidence, they prove nothing. Why show them? Because I have proof. I am about to give it to you. And when you see it, I want you, dear reader, to remember these testimonies, these hurt lives, these manipulated people. I want you to think about how many more there are. I want you to keep these thoughts in mind, realized to be legitimate by the damning evidence I am about to present to you.

As mentioned, Avendano claims that his film is being financed by DK Productions. This claim is proved to actually be his own by the imdb page of the film:

He even uses this claim as an excuse to void all of the contracts with the promise of more money, without ever delivering new ones:

But what do you think I was told when I went to DK Productions for a comment? I left a couple voicemails at their office over the weekend. Today, my calls were returned. I had a nice talk with Dimitri Sotirakis, the president of the company. He has been in the movie industry since the 70’s, he told me. He found this entire situation “frightening”. I asked for an official statement and he gladly had one sent to me.

Dear reader, if you doubt the authenticity of this email, the phone number is right there at the bottom. Go ahead and verify.

Ramiro Avendano, you got some ‘splainin to do, my friend. You will not get away with this, mark my words.

We are We support indie horror. You’re in our world. I’d advise you leave.

Update 1/21/15: This expose was just the opening salvo. Today has proved very fruitful. Out of sheer fear, Avendano has admitted to his own guilt in the form of deleting the official Zombie Reign FB page after the onslaught this expose sent to it. I brought all of this to the attention of IMDB. The Zombie Reign IMDB page is now under review and will doubtlessly be gone within a few days. I have commenced a mass flag campaign of the 3 Zombie Reign videos on Youtube (if you want to help, go HERE and flag his videos using scam/fraud as a reason and link to this article as proof). DK Productions is sending out a cease and desist order to Avendano. Bloodydisgusting, Dreadcentral, and a local TV news station down in San Antonio have all been contacted in the hopes that they will run this story too and help it spread. Ramiro Avendano, I am going to bring you down. There is nowhere you can hide from me. You’re finished.

Update #2 1/22/15: The Zombie Reign IMDB page has been removed. The Youtube mass flag campaign continues. I will scrub all evidence of Zombie Reign from the internet, Avendano. You will find it much more difficult to con anymore actors or actresses now.


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