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It all started with this picture posted by Tyrese Gibson:

At first I thought it was just random fan art that the actor had liked.

He calls out Idris Elba/Green Lantern and his fans:

Basically, Idris Elba cannot - unless he quits at Marvel - play John Stewart. And it would probably be too late by the time his contract ends.

About that Green Lantern 2020 Film:

All his Green Lantern posts:

I will refrain from profanity, so


That is my reaction.

But, another actor also teased one role but ended up with another:

Justice League: Shazam - DC Comics
Justice League: Shazam - DC Comics

Actor Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock teased his possible Shazam role until he was officially announced as Black Adam. Is history repeating itself?

The difference is that Dwayne Johnson said that he had talks with Warner Bros., while it seems Tyrese Gibson is just campaigning for the role over social media. Ezra Miller (who will play The Flash), on the other hand, was called by Zack Snyder while he was eating tilapia in a Central American village. Gibson could be cast just that easily.

Is the Justice League complete?

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis - DC Comics
Justice League: Throne of Atlantis - DC Comics

Maybe. Green Lantern needs to be in [Justice League Part One](movie:401267). You see, founders of the Justice League are always Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and interchangeable members. (Which is why I showed the picture above. It's incomplete.)

Here is what people are saying: Cyborg is already going to be in the Justice League, so the Justice League won't have any other black members.

Sadly, it seems that way. But you know what? Expect the unexpected! Everyone seems to have forgotten that Zack Snyder said that obscure characters like Blue Beetle will be added to the Justice League line-up! (Who is Blue Beetle? Hahahaha...look at my profile.) The exact words of Zack Snyder:

As we add to the Justice League we bring in some of the more obscure, like Blue Beetle or something


I posted this in "Batman vs. Superman and Justice League: Different Green Lanterns to Appear," and I will put it here again.

Justice League - DC Comics
Justice League - DC Comics

[Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) - Hal Jordan

Justice League Part One - Hal Jordan

Justice League Part Two - John Stewart

Green Lantern (Corps) - Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner

Or something like that. The point is: THEY CAN COEXIST. In the plan above, I am not implying that Hal is better than John. Nor am I implying that any Lantern is better than another.

Why is it that the Justice League is cast, except for Green Lantern? Either the actor is sworn to secrecy, they have not found an actor, or they are doing exactly this plan.

Benefits of this plan:

More Green Lanterns on film!

  • Actors to do less movies, meaning DC does not have to find unknown actors and sign them to long contracts. Instead DC can cast popular actors like Chris Pine or whoever you guys always fancast (edit: Tyrese Gibson is now campaigning to be John Stewart)
  • Cinematic Hal Jordan redemption
  • First John Stewart cinematic appearance
  • Having Green Lanterns appear in future team-up movies

My Opinion and Your Opinion

Do you hate John Stewart? Do you think that he is boring?

That is the beauty of adaption. The characters do not have to be exactly like they are in other forms of entertainment. Zack Snyder and the Masters of the DC Cinematic Universe can be creative and do whatever they want to do.

Now, I personally have not seen anything that Tyrese Gibson has played in. A quick Google search told me he is a singer and actor. Comments on Comic Book Movie told me that he is a bad actor choice for Green Lantern John Stewart because he is more comedic. That's where you come in Pilots! YOUR opinion is powerful! Vote and/or put it in the comments section.


How should Green Lantern be adapted into the Justice League?


Should Tyrese Gibson be Green Lantern?

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[This post better be seen by Randolph Johnson. Interesting news.]

(Blue Beetle in Justice League Source: Comic Book Movie)

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