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Frank Fanelli

Turning fifty, this year has me reminiscing more than I used to on my previous birthdays. I grew up in the 70's during an awesome time for Science Fiction and seeing my favorite comic book heroes come to life on the big and little screens. Some were great and some not so great, but I watched them all!

I witnessed on the big screen the birth of the Star Wars franchise and the rebirth of the Star Trek Universe. Before cars and girls, there were my first loves; Friday night and Saturday morning television.

I was privileged to have Steve Austin, Buck Rogers along with Apollo and Starbuck as my bunk mates. The television airwaves, that's what we called in then, were buzzing with Wonder Woman, Logans Run, The Flash and even Mork & Mindy.

Re-runs were awesome! UFO, Space 1999 and the granddaddy of all re-runs, Star Trek (The Original Series) served as the inspiration for turning my basement into the bridge of the Enterprise, Moonbase Alpha or even the magnificent Galactica!

Even some of the dogs produced by the broadcast networks had me sitting in front of the boob tube. Manimal, Man from Atlantis and Holmes & YoYo were in my pantheon of super-sci-fi TV heroes.

I have a true affection for those shows, both good and bad, and I miss the great characters. I guess that is the bitter part. The sweet part about turning fifty this year is that I get to relive it all over again. My DVR is filled with small screen heroes and big-screen science fiction extravaganzas. The Flash and even Batman (Gotham) are back!

It's like I am living my childhood all over again. MARVEL and DC have given me the chance to relive some of the best years of my life with the added bonus of sharing it all with my own kids! I guess turning fifty isn't such a bad thing, after all. Enjoyed the 1970's and I am definitely enjoying 2015.


Which 70's TV hero tops your list?


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