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Greetings, Moviepilot readers! So I've been writing for MP for a while now, and they've been very good to me, sending me lovely swag and rewards for writing articles on one of my favorite subjects: movie and entertainment news, with a special focus on the fans who make the community great.

So imagine my geek-joy when they told me I was going to Portland Wizard World Comic Con 2015! There was a lot of it, lemme tell you. And some bouncing. It's right in my backyard, but I never thought I'd get to go to this wonderland of con happiness. so first let me say, thank you Moviepilot!

The con was 3 days in all, but since I'm a member of the press (I'm still wearing my special pink wristband; I never want to take it off!) I got to go to the opening reception on Thursday night. And that's where I'll start my con coverage!

The opening reception took place at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, one of my favorite places ever. And it housed a laid-back but fun gathering full of the stars and dedicated cosplaying fans that make fandom and conventions so much fun.

To start with, there were some awesome familiar names and faces from the comics and tv industry present, including Lou Ferrigno of Hulk fame, and Jason David Frank, who you might better know as the Green Power Ranger! (Counting the Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Gaila cosplayers, we had a lot of green in one room now that I think about it, wow.) Check out some pics below from when they took the stage to welcome everybody to the con's opening!

Let me tell you, the photos don't do them justice; these are two charismatic guys and I felt honored to be present when they opened the festivities.

And now on to my area of expertise - the fan-made awesome! I was hoping there would be at least a few cosplayers present at the opening, and I was definitely not disappointed. Everyone was sweet, gracious and happy, and it was a lot of fun to capture the images of these dedicated fans - and in many cases, artists, craftspeople and performers. Enjoy the awesome!

This guy's costume was amazing! The LED lights changed colors in a mini light show! Let me show you what I mean!

Told ya. Also pictured for size, that Chewie was around 7 feet tall. Always refreshing to see an accurately-sized wookiee.

Didn't expect an I Dream of Jeannie, but awesome!
Didn't expect an I Dream of Jeannie, but awesome!
Sailors Mulan and Esmeralda! Loved them!
Sailors Mulan and Esmeralda! Loved them!

Beaker had several willing subjects that night!

This X-Men group weren't posing - they just happened to be hanging out in a perfect group shot like that! Ah, candid magic.

Those wings must have taken forever! Kick-butt Hawk Girl!

Now with bonus Jake!

And lastly - it is I! Your article writer, RoAnna Sylver! I cosplayed as myself. Very successfully. I've never seen a more convincing me.

As always, thank you for reading! And also as always, please keep any cosplayer comments respectful. Remember that they're fans doing it for the love of fiction, and human beings, just like you. Even if they're masquerading as aliens at the time. Show them love!


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