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The possibilities seem to be going in that direction. Although you may be wondering how the hell is that possible, (especially since Zod got his neck broken at the end of [Man of Steel](movie:15593)). According to Cinemablend, the writers at DC have found a way to bring him back to life:

"Lex Luthor will obtain Zod’s body and run experiments on it, most likely to find out if Superman has a weakness. While experimenting, he’ll accidentally trigger the "Doomsday genome," causing Zod’s body to reanimate into the Kryptonian monster."

Also, it has been rumored that Shannon has often been caught on set hanging with Synder and Cavill. Why would he be there if he wasn't involved. The same prediction turned out to be true for Jenna Malone. Whom has been confirmed to be a part of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I'm not sure what to make of it actually. If that is true, a major spoiler has just been given away. UUUUUUGH! Doomsday origin story would be slightly changed, but does it matter? Could this possibly mean they are following the Death of Superman storyline from the 1990s. But if that is the case, how does that make way for a Justice League film?! You know what, this information leaves more questions than answers.


What do you think? Does this sound like a good way to introduce Doomsday?


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