ByAgneesh Pratim Das, writer at

Well Harrison Wells being the REVERSE FLASH did clear out a lot of things but still left a lot of food for thought. Seeing Wells place the tachyon device on the Reverse Flash suit something hit my mind!!

What if Harrison Wells was really from the future?? What if in the future The Flash is a lot more faster, stronger than the Reverse Flash?? Then it might be true that in the future, because of the flash all the devious and villanous plans of the reverse flash were constantly being destroyed!! And Wells couldn't even defeat Barry as the Flash was lot more powerful than the Reverse Flash!!

So what if The Reverse Flash went into theSpeedforce to the past and kill Barry's mother before she gave birth to Barry, in order to remove the existence of the Flash altogether?? And what if guessing what his plans may be or in order to find out what his plans were The Future Flash followed The Reverse Flash into the Speedforce and their fight inside the Speedforce led them to fall out in the wrong timeline, ie, when Barry was already born and 11years old! So thinking his plan's falling apart The Reverse flash tried to murder Norah Allen anyway and the Flash tried to stop him, that's the red and yellow light 11 year old Barry saw moving around his mother. But being unable to stop the Reverse Flash from killing Norah Allen the Flash took 11year old Barry somewhere away from his mother's murder!!

Being more powerful [The Flash](series:1068303) easily went back to the future but the Reverse Flash was stuck here.

Well I know this theory may be a lot complicated but it does clear out a lot of stuff, like, Why the Reverse Flash murdered Barry's mom?? Why did the Reverse Flash beat the crap out of Barry so many times?? Why he stole the tachyon device??


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