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Jess Goodwin

Whiplash may have gotten rave reviews, but not everyone's a fan. John Murphy, chair of University of North Texas' jazz program (not to be confused with the film composer), recently spoke about the movie, and his consensus is... not great.

"This movie doesn't need an Oscar," he told Art Seek. "It needs a trigger warning to let people know how anxious they'll become when they watch an entire movie based on the cruelty of an educator towards a student who's trying to improve."

Ouch. I'll admit, I was on tenterhooks for a good chunk of Whiplash — to say that J.K. Simmons' Fletcher puts Miles Teller's Andrew through the ringer is a major understatement — and I can definitely see how it could bring up traumatic memories, particularly for victims of parental abuse.

Then again, Murphy himself admits he's never come across a teacher like Fletcher, though I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few gym teachers out there with major anger issues.


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