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We all remember that adorable (but creepy and mysterious) sun baby from our childhood show TELETUBBIES! Waking up Laa Laa , Po, Tinky Winky, and Dipsy. 18 years is a long time to keep a secret but the truth is finally out.

Last month , Jess smith posted to facebook saying

"So i recently celebrated my 19th birthday and after alot of thought, I've decided i should tell everyone, i used to hide but after a lot of encouragement from my friends at university I've gained the confidence to come out with it. I am the sun from teletubbies. There has been a few people pretending to be "the sun" but only i can tell you the real story".
Quite a resemblance dont you think?
Quite a resemblance dont you think?

Smith got 250$ and a large box of toys each time she got in front of the camera. Her father had to play with a teddy bear behind the camera just to make her laugh. Even though its been 2 decades her smiling face hasn't changed☺


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