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With its 13th Episode on its way, Gotham hasnt seem to be the show everyone like. It has mixed reviews and fanbase.

As for me I like anything with Batman written over it even though we wont be seeing Batman anytime soon but tat doesnt mean show is great. The first two episodes ("Pilot" & "Selina Kyle") were great and it set up the universe for [Gotham](series:1127075) then for me the story of Gordon and pals were not good and I was more interested in mob fight,yes the Maroni-Fish Mooney-Carmine etc story arc and even now I'm more interested this.

At times Gotham can be considered as Smallville for Batman

Will be showcasing some my own points which can make Gotham even more better and more interesting for others,

1. Quit putting all big names character in nearly every episode

James Gordon and Pals
James Gordon and Pals

STOP WITH THE EASTER EGGS, we dont want these anymore, We know poison ivy,we know riddler etc. This is going down as the show is progressing but still we dont wanna see hints for all Batman's iconic characters. As an audience, we don’t care. Focus on telling the best story, ditch the obligatory appearances.

2. Don't rewrite history

Ben Affleck soon
Ben Affleck soon

Comic readers know the history, we all know the history of Batman. Dont try to change that for your Fox Gotham Universe, stick to the material. We have all seen Nolan's, Burton's and all other interpretations. Not saying we want that but dont do what they did. Create a meaningful history from comic books

3. Show some Love

Am I only one who thinks there is no love triangles or anything like that. Yes there was one scene with Fish Mooney, another with Barbara/Montoya lesbian.There is no real love,emotions on the show.

4. Don't kill-off Fish Mooney

Fish Mooney is most bad-ass charcter so far
Fish Mooney is most bad-ass charcter so far

If I hat to choose one original and interesting character it would be Fish Mooney, from first appearance she had me. Not saying she cane be killed its just that "not yet".

5. Stick to the Mob fight story arc

As I said before, the whole villain-of-the-week is good and will favour Fox but its not something we need. Less procedural, I hate those types of shows
Its Gotham we need stories and Barbara/Gordon story is not what we wont nor its Bruce playing detective in his mansion, We want to know what happen to Carmine or Maroni. In this case what happens to penguin. Having said that we need a good story arc for James Gordon also.

6. No Bruce Wayne, No Batman

Prince of Gotham
Prince of Gotham

What we dont need is another Batman, There are many reasons to that but the biggest is the fact we dont really want to see Low-TV-Budget Cape Crusader. Yes something like CW's "Smallville" wont hurt but that show was also went sillier as it reached season 8-9-10. And if we dont have Batman we certainly dont need Bruce Wayne that much. This should be a show about James Gordon and his related stories. Dont try to connect him to Batman/Bruce so early in the show

7. Focus on Rogues Gallery

We already seen many iconic characters on the show but we need this. Bring out the big guns and play with and not just around the bush.PLAY HARD!!!

So there you have it, my 7 points to make Gotham even better. Since I just joined MoviePilot and this is my first post the following poll is about How I Did, be honest and brutal if you want.


How did I do?


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