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Hi i am 19 year old amateur film director that is just looking for his opportunity to take my passion to my career.
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People criticise the actors and actresses for their bad acting but is it really their fault or is it the film directors and his workers?


What did you think of his acting?

Topher Grace performance was criticized by critics as whiny and down right stupid.

Who's fault should it be? Topher Grace (Actor) or Sam Raimi? ( Film Director)

Topher role as an actor is to give the best performance.

Sam Raimi's role as the film director is to make sure that his vision is believable to the movie goer.


So who should we blame the actors or the film directors?

As the movie goer, we always have opinions about what we saw, but who should be blamed if something doesn't seem right? Would you say that Topher is a bad actor or Sam has bad visions for his movies.

Could Topher be a bad actor but he won an award for his acting. In 2001 Topher Grace won Screen actor’s award in 2001 for his performance, in the movie "Traffic" but he shared that with 19 other people in the cast of Traffic. Does that still make him a bad actor for sharing an award? and does that mean Sam might be at fault?

Sam won two awards that might dismiss that fact a Saturn and an Empire award for his directing in..... wait for it.... 2004's Spider-man 2. So does that mean Topher is a bad actor?

Maybe its not the actors or directors fault. Lets re-examine the people involved in making movies. There are film directors, actors, DP, Casting directors... Hold on, casting directors maybe they are to blame for bad actors?

Lets have another look into Spider-man 3. Who are the casting directors or Director for spider-man 3. Kathy Driscoll and Francine Maisler are credited as Cast Directors in Spider-man 3 according to IMDB, should we blame them for choosing Topher? Lets have a look into Kathy's awards, she was nominated for her casting directing so maybe now casting directors... Right now you might be yelling at me saying "what about Tophers opinion!" we will discuss that soon... actually we will have a look at that now. You might want to argue that Topher had the option to say "yes or no" to the role. But what if the money was to big to say no too. what if.. there are alot of variables we don't know about.

Should we continue to blame the actors or should we start looking for our next escape goat.

I hope you like the review, I am sorry about the mistakes.


Who should we blame?


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