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There are currently 10 planned DC movies that are under development and there are a lot of people that cannot wait to see each and every one of them. I for one am very excited to see what DC does with each character and how they will play out in their respective movies. There is one small problem with the line-up though. All the movies planned are very obvious choices (with the exclusion of Cyborg).

I have compiled a list of 3 movies that DC needs to add to their current line-up to either benefit them or to give some of the lesser known characters a chance.

1. Batman

OK. Let's get the obvious one out of the way. Batman is a really cool character and if you get past all the annoying hardcore Batman fans, you get a well rounded character that works really well in a movie. This has been proven time after time with his countless reboots. There are talks about Batman getting his own movie after 2020 but nothing is confirmed yet.

Played By: Ben Affleck

This one is also an obvious choice since he's already casted. I hated this casting at first but have eventually come around. I have no doubt now that Affleck will do an amazing job as the Caped Crusader and I am extremely looking forward to it.

Directed By: David Fincher

I could have chosen Affleck to star and direct this movie but I decided against it because I think Fincher could do some amazing things with the movie that Affleck can't rival. Fincher and Affleck have worked together before in 'Gone Girl' and are rumoured to be working together again in 'Strangers' so they're relationship might lead to this happening. Fincher is my favourite director and manages to capture emotion using the right angles. His style of directing would fit perfectly with the Dark Knight's tone and even DC thought so because Fincher was sought out to direct 'Batman Begins'.

2. Blue and Gold

This choice is a little out there. Alone, each of them might be able to hold up a movie but together, there is no stopping the Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. They could bring the fun into the universe and, with the right script, could rival the upcoming 'Deadpool' movie.

Booster Gold Played By: Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott is a really funny guy and has proven that so many times. He has the charm and wit that Booster Gold is known to have. Scott also has the right look to play a superhero and I have no doubt that his abilities would suit the best superhero you have never heard of.

Blue Beetle Played By: James Roday

James Roday is best known for playing Shawn Spencer on 'Psych' and he does a really good job on the show. He's known for his quick wit and dry humour which can be easily translated into the Ted Kord character. My first choice would've been Paul Rudd because of his chemistry with Scott and closeness to the character but I know that Roday could pull it off without even breaking a sweat.

Directed By: Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright isn't new to the comic book movie world. He played a part in creating the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He was also liked to 'Ant-Man' for almost a decade so he knows what he's doing. Wright would be able to do the comedic superhero tones he would've brought to 'Ant-Man' and add in some of the buddy comedy flavour he shows in the Cornetto Trilogy.

3. Animal Man

This choice is easily the weirdest of my three choices but I feel that Animal Man is a very underrated character. In DC's 'New 52', we were given a title that did not disappoint. His title became the favourite of many (but not too many as he was cancelled). I think a movie based on this character would bring in both the fun and serious side of being a superhero and at the same time be entertaining.

Played By: Garrett Hedlund

Garrett Hudlund is a good actor that isn't seen much in lead roles anymore after the disappointing 'Tron: Legacy'. He can be very talented when given the right script and also has the look of a costumed superhero. He has the right character to play Animal Man and I don't think he's a big enough star to pass up the opportunity to play this role.

Directed By: Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is a huge fan of comic books and is known throughout the comic book community. He is also a talented director with movies such as 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' under his belt. Smith is the type of guy who would't pass up the opportunity to bring an obscure character like Animal Man to life. Smith has worked on comic book movies before such as the failed project 'Superman Lives'.


Well, there you have it. Three superhero movies that need to be added to DC's cinematic line-up. I'd love to hear what you thought of my list and who should be added to it. I'd also love to hear some of your fan casts and which directors you think could handle those characters.


What do you think of my choices?


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