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Dying Light is to be released tomorrow, January 27th, in North America. Worldwide will also get the release of the digital version of the game tomorrow, however we've been pushed back till February 27th with regards to attaining a physical retail copy of the title. But with all of this aside, why have we still seen no reviews for Dying Light when Techland and Warner Brothers have stated that there is no embargo placed upon the game?

Frankly, I'm dying to get my hands on this game. I was completely convinced that it was going to be another Dead Island, with a bit of Mirror's Edge thrown in, but since then I've done a full 180 on it. I actually can't wait to free-run around this map and also give the "be the zombie" DLC a shot now that it comes with every copy of the game.

Dying Light Review

Dying Light
Dying Light

So what's happening with these reviews then? Why can't we see what everyone thinks about it? Well, the case with our office is, we still haven't received a copy! IGN and Polygon both stated that they hadn't received anything from Techland on Friday, with no word on when it was arriving either. Same with us. Though I thought that the situation would be different seeing as the gaming section of Moviepilot is in Berlin. But apparently our copies shouldn't be affected by the retail delay in Europe.

Very peculiar. Perhaps this is a tactic that publishers are enjoying as of late? No review embargo, but they're not releasing the physical games with enough time prior release to put a score on it. It was similar to how Ubisoft dealt with The Crew, in that the game was given out a while before the title's release date, but the servers only went online once the game came out, so no one could release a proper review.

Dying Light
Dying Light

In any case, the tension is really building. I want this to be the first good game of 2015 so very much! I'm in the middle of H1Z1 at the moment, and while I am actually shamefully enjoying myself, the game can be beyond frustrating to play at this stage. I want a more controlled zombie experience right now!

In conclusion, I think we'll be waiting for a little while until the release of a review for Dying Light. Maybe people will hold off until they hear more about the title until the buy it, though I'm sure that part of the strategy of having late reviews is that players will just go out and buy the game before they hear anything about it. In any case, let us know what you think about Techland's imminent release!


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