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The 2004 animated epic The Incredible's is one of the best films that Pixar has ever produced. The tale of the superhero Parr family defeating the evil Syndrome was awesomely told from infinitely talented director Brad Bird (The Iron Giant, Ratatouille). I mean, just check out that trailer and tell me you don't want to watch it all again:

Obviously the movie has a dedicated fan base, as evidenced by some insightful observation by Tumblr users. Take a look at the 6 times Tumblr figured out just how awesome The Incredibles really is:

1. When they caught this cheeky joke

Jokes like these are definitely one of my fave things about Pixar! Not that they aren't already awesome films on their own, but it's cool that they keep adult audiences engaged the whole time with these little gems.

2. When someone finally asked this question

I could make a joke about motor-boating here, but that's too easy, right?

That face though...

3. When they worked out Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl's love life

I guess you can't name a character Elastigirl without making some sort of references to her sex life, right?

As an aside, how perfect is it that their faces fit perfectly together when they're in profile - they literally complete each other! Aw!

4. When they realized that having a superhero baby would be terrifying

If there's anything that would make having a new born more terrifying it would definitely be a baby with uncontrolled superpowers. Also, there is a strong possibility that if you have an undiapered child with super speed there is going to be a code brown incident and it would be all through the house before you could blink.

5. When they got to the core of Edna Mode

Woah, woah, serious moment here! Behind those sassy quips and that bold personality, is a past she's trying to move on from , that makes SO much sense.

Yep, total sense.

6. When this Syndrome quote summed up the coming of the second Harry Potter generation

The thing that totally made this hilarious to me was imagining Syndrome's little shoulder wiggle from the film, check it out:

See! Brilliant.

What Pixar film do you think has the most layers? Tell me over here.

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