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Now, when it comes to Marvel's upcoming Captain America: Civil War, it's fair to say that everyone's getting pretty darned excited. After all, we're finally set to see Iron Man and Captain America face off in one of the most iconic Marvel comic-book story-lines of recent years - and with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans in the leading roles, that suggests nothing less than absolute awesomeness.

The film is, though, still well over a year away - and that means we all have a whole lot of Civil War related enthusiasm bubbling away under the surface - and not the kind that can be sated by a visit to Grant's Tomb.

So, it's not too much of a surprise that some of the more hilarious denizens of the internet have come up with a whole lot of awesome, meme-based possible causes of the Civil War to help us pass the time.

Like, for instance...

The Topical One

Starring Jude Law as Iron Watson.

The Family-Friendly One

You know it to be true...

The Bad Call One

I mean, that's just foolishness...

The Dietary One

Because that's exactly what Tony Stark would do...

The Even More Topical One

Poor Robert Duvall...

The Comic-Book One

Which is a totally legitimate response, BRUCE.

The Fruity One

Guess Tony just really loves his blueberries...

The Ending One

In fairness, Tony probably didn't actually watch it...

The Astronomy One

Never give up - Never surrender!

The Overly Visual One

Though that totally is true...

And, in a fantastic subversion of the whole damn thing...

The Not-Really-Getting-It One


What do you guys reckon, though? Can you beat those for meme-based hilarity?

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