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(Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Batman vs. Superman, and beyond, are very much to be found below...)

When it comes to Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it's actually surprisingly easy to forget that it is, in many ways, more than just a movie - it's the beginning of a Cinematic Universe.

After all, though Man of Steel arrived first, it's Batman vs. Superman that'll actually mark the beginning of DC's imminent attempt to take the crown of Cinematic Universe-in-Chief away from Marvel - with a rapid influx of newly introduced superheroes in tow.

From the sounds of it, though, we might also be set to see one of the DC comic-book universe's most iconic villains appear, too - played by what may very well be the last person you'd expect.


Michael Shannon Could Be Back...But Not as Zod

That's right, Michael Shannon might just be on his way back to our screens as a DC villain - but not as Zod himself.

Or, at least, not as Zod as we know him.

After all, the last time we saw the villainous Kryptonian, this happened...

And...that's surely the end of that, right?

Well, not so much, since according to sources...

Michael Shannon Will Return...As Doomsday

Yup, that very same mindless Kryptonian killing machine from the comics, who - back in 1992's Death of Superman arc - totally killed Superman that one time.

Though it didn't really stick.
Though it didn't really stick.

Now, if those sources are correct, Batman vs. Superman is set to show Lex Luthor acquiring the corpse of Shannon's general Zod, and subjecting it to a series of experiments designed to find a weakness in Superman himself.

In the process, though, he apparently "triggers the Doomsday genome," turning Zod into - a possibly more-human looking variant of - Doomsday.

Does That Make Sense, Though?

Well, it's something of a break from comic-book canon - not that there's any indication that Zack Snyder would have any particular problem with that - but perhaps not as much as you'd think.

Now, originally, Doomsday was created by a scientist named Bertron - and turned into an unstoppable killing machine through a cruel and unusual process of repeatedly releasing a baby into the wilderness, and then, after it was killed by predators, cloning its remains until it became able to survive.

Now, aside from being a terrible use of science, this also ended up making the child hate all life - and so become the villain Doomsday.

All of which is...pretty far from a Zod-based origin.

Except, of course, for that whole plot-line in Superman (Vol 2) #175, where Lex Luthor returned Doomsday to life, and then had The Joker release him to battle Superman.

And, of course, the fact that DC's recent New 52 reboot established that Doomsday and Zod have a whole lot of history together.

History which was then followed by the creature beating the snot out of Wonder Woman.

But, does that actually confirm that Doomsday will, in fact, be appearing in Batman vs. Superman, played by Michael Shannon?

Not quite. But, then again, back in November...

This Totally Happened...

And, sure, the fact that Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon were hanging out just down the road from the Batman v s.Superman set could just be a coincidence - but combined with those rumors about Doomsday's arrival, it might just be something a whole lot more...

What do you guys think, though? Will we see Doomsday in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, or a whole other super-villain? Could Michael Shannon really be set to return? Are there any other clues I'm missing?

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