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I'm sure all you Twihards out there are just salivating at the thought of the supernatural saga Twilight being resurrected. Thankfully the 'mini-movie' series is expected to premiere exclusively on Facebook next year.

Yet, there are still many questions circulating about the nature of these new movies: Where will they be based? What will they be about? And most importantly, will we see the return of our favorite werewolves and vampires?

Well, it's already been confirmed that the movies will feature characters from the Twilight world. Yet, loyal Edward and Bella fans might be slightly disappointed as the mini-movies will be focusing on B-characters instead of on the sweetheart couple.

In their place, other sparkling Cullen family members will be allegedly given more screen-time, despite no official names having been confirmed yet.

In particular, one former cast member is eager to jump on board.

Speaking to MTV at the Sundance Film Festival this week, Nikki Reed has expressed great interest in taking part and bringing her stunning vampire counterpart Rosalie Hale back to life.

Reminiscing about the Twilight saga, she said "I loved that period of my life" and when asked about the mini-movies, she admitted "I'm not involved in it as of now - at some point I might be, who knows." How exciting!

In the short interview, she also said:

“You can’t go through something like that for so many years, and be a part of these films with a character that you grow to love, then say you wouldn’t revisit it. Of course, you would always consider revisiting that.”

Damn right, Nikki. When you play such an awesome character and are part of such a colossal project, it must be so difficult to let go.

So, it's totally understandable that Reed is very willing to sink her fangs into another Twilight installment. She concludes:

“It was very strange closing that chapter… the whole cast, we’re all huge fans of the books, so it was so hard to let go and just know that that wasn’t coming back. When I heard it, I guess I heard about it five or six months ago, I just got a little giddy. Maybe it’s still lingering.”

It would be fantastic if Reed's character makes an appearance. After her vampiric transformation, not only is Rosalie referred to as being the "most beautiful person in the world" in the books, but her backstory is one of the most intriguing and darkest of all the Cullens. Having been abused, beaten and deprived of her human life, she often appears as extremely bitter, self-centered and cold.

However, with time, her character unravels to expose one of the most loyal and loving members of the Cullen clan.

I don't know about you guys, but I really think it would be a shame not to build on such a complex character and perhaps see her drive her yearning for humanity to another level. Wouldn't that make for a good story?

What do you guys think?


Would you like Rosalie Hale to take part in the Twilight mini-movies?



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