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If you're anything like me and was pinned to the sofa every week, watching the exploits of a group of everyday people attempting to deal with their new found superpowers, and the mad amount of stress that brings, then you'll be super pleased that Heroes will be returning to our screens this year!

Heroes Reborn is a 13 episode mini-series set after the events of Heroes season four and, in typically secretive Heroes move, very little else is known about the plot!

Jack Coleman will be reprising his role of Noah Bennett, original series creator Tim Kring will be returning as executive producer and, in even better news, everyone's favorite ass kicking nerd Zachary Levi will be chucking himself into the deep end of comic book-esque danger, after signing on to star in a yet unspecified role in Heroes Reborn.

Coleman, Kring and Levi
Coleman, Kring and Levi

However, good news doesn't linger long. It seems as if Heroes Reborn will be devoid of one of its brightest and most creepiest stars. The ultra-villain Sylar will sadly not be returning to slice and dice his way through beleaguered superhumans in the incoming NBC mini-series. That's good for the heroes though, I guess.


At Sundance Film Festival, the man with the most powerful eyebrows in the business, Zachary Quinto told BuzzFeed's Kate Aurthur that he had been contacted by series creator Tim Kring with the intention that he would reprise his role as the patchwork prince of powers.

"No I'm not going to go back, talked to them about it, and Tim reached out to me when they decided they were going to do it. We had a great conversation. It was such a meaningful experience for me - I loved that job, I loved those people. I just felt like I didn't want to go back to it."

And to a choir of Heroes fan's hearts rightfully breaking all over the globe, Quinto went on to tell Aurthur that Kring was "very, very understanding" with his decision and that Quinto himself is "thrilled that they're doing it."

Quinto put his reluctance down to a need to "cultivate other outlets" for himself, meaning continuing his successful production role within his company Before The Door and once again donning the blue shirt and pointy ears of Spock in Star Trek 3.

This news comes as a real shame, because I enjoyed Sylar. A genuinely perturbing bad guy with a unerring thirst for love, recognition and a better life that, unfortunately, drives him toward serial murders and liberating other superhumans from their scalps and powers.

The 13 episode mini-series will air on NBC this summer.

Until then, let us mourn a fallen icon with a lil run down of Sylar's kills from Heroes.

(Sources: Kate Aurthur via Twitter, TVline)


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