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Trawling through the internet, you can find many examples of fantastic fan art creations. I stumbled upon user 'rabnud,' who has put together a cool compilation of realistic drawings of our most recognizable animated characters. Created by various awesome artists, from Popeye to Patrick Star, these images are much more detailed than their animated counterparts and look super realistic!

Check them out! What do you think?

1 - Patrick Star

This version of Sponge Bob's best buddy Patrick is quite grotesque. Look at the double chin... he's clearly a fan of the ice cream just like his animated counterpart.

Check out Patrick's best moments here:

2 - Popeye The Sailor

Popeye's realistic skin is disturbingly too wrinkled... He looks pretty grubby too!

3 - Fred Flinstone

Not bad. The eyes look great.

4 - Charlie Brown

Our lovable loser in the zig-zagged t-shirt.

5 - Brock

The artist who re-imagined Brock definitely deserves the boulder-badge...

6 - Peter Griffin

As a realistic drawing, that famous double chin takes up most of the screen.

7 - Teletubbies

Teletubbies as baby mutants. Nice.

So, what do YOU think of this different approach to our favorite animated characters?


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