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It was one of the most devastating deaths, in a year already full of stars lost before their time - but the tragic loss of The Big Bang Theory's Carol Ann Susi seems set to inspire a tribute that might just bring a little closure to the actress' many fans around the world.

The Big Bang Theory - in an episode set to air January 29 - will apparently directly address the loss of Susi - and, by extension, her iconic voice role as Mrs. Wolowitz. Executive Producer Chuck Lorre recently revealed to USA Today that:

"We shot an episode last week that deals with the loss of Carol Ann...It took us a couple of months to deal with that; we didn't know how to at first....[Executive Producer Steven Molaro is] "in charge of a beautiful script that takes account of the loss of Carol. We thought we handled it in a delicate and respectful way. We lost somebody in our family; it's not something you anticipate happening."

Which, aside from being pretty emotionally charged all by itself, also suggests that, in just a few short days, we'll be seeing a pretty darned tear-inducing tribute to Susi on the show - one that will, hopefully, join the ranks of the most touching TV tributes to fallen stars.

Ranks that already include:

Glee's Heartwrenching Vocal Tribute

Cory Monteith's death back in 2013 hit hard - both for the cast and crew of Glee and for the show's fans. The special tribute episode 'The Quarterback' did go some way to providing some much needed closure - as well as a whole lot of tears - though...

8 Simple Rules' Devastating Phone Call

When John Ritter died back in 2003, he was starring in the popular sitcom 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter - and the show treated his loss in the most respectful, yet devastatingly sad, way possible. Ritter's character died off screen, but the show aired a double-length special celebrating his life, and showing his family's grief at the loss. The extra-traumatic part? The show starred a young, pre-Big Bang Kaley Cuoco...

And, of course, there's...

The Simpsons' Beautifully Subtle Send-Off

When The Simpsons lost one of its longest-serving stars - Marcia Wallace, a.k.a. Mrs. Krabappel - in 2013, the show's response was simple, but wonderful. Her passing was marked with both a touching moment with the now twice-widowed Ned Flanders, and an even more emotional title sequence tribute.

And, just like Marcia Wallace, John Ritter, Cory Monteith, we'll remember Carol Ann Susi, along with all the other beloved star we lost this past year...

Do you have any particular memories, or tributes, you'd like to share - whether about or Carol Ann Susi, or anyone else?

We'd love to hear them...

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