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Hey Bat-fans, guess what? It's just over four months until The Dark Knight returns to our consoles in the sure-to-be epic conclusion of Rocksteady's fantastic Arkham Trilogy and the rumor mill keeps on churning out nuggets of excited "maybe's" and "what if's."

This time the rumor train has alighted at Metropolis and is under the impression that Superman's primary foe and chrome-domed supervillain Lex Luthor is primed to make his presence felt in Gotham City.

Thanks to the eagle eyes of Superhero Hype user TheFirstAvenger, we know that in the second of the Ace Infiltration trailers, the one where the Bat-tank makes scrap metal of a few drone tanks, if you pause at 1.09 the Lex Corp logo is visible! Usually amidst some kind of explosive chaos.

Did you see it? Test your eyes with the trailer as well then...

You know how they say "no smoke without fire"? Well surely there can be no Luthor without Superman, who was also rumored to be making an appearance in Arkham Knight due to a poorly timed IMDB post!

But before we get too excited dreaming of the possibility of taking the Man of Steel for a bout with some bad guys, this could very well be an easter egg. And we all know Rocksteady isn't afraid of sticking the odd egg into their Arkham games. Even if they take three years to find.

But if Lex Luthor does indeed have a story to tell in Arkham City, in what capacity will it play out? Will Arkham Knight share an element of narrative with Batman: No Man's Land?

What Is Luthor Up To?

In No Man's Land, Gotham is violently segregated from the rest of the country following a huge earthquake. Supervillians and gangs run amok in the city attempting to carve out quarters for themselves.

Luthor arrives under the pretense that he has come to aid the rebuilding of Gotham after its cataclysm, but it later becomes apparent that he is actually attempting to destroy the deeds of numerous spots in the city and claim them as his own under false names. Cheeky!

As we know already, when we return to Gotham in Arkham Knight, the city will be plagued with supervillains and gangs as they all come together to eliminate the Batman. Scarecrow forces the city to evacuate by threatening its inhabitants with his fear toxin and bombs placed randomly throughout Gotham.

What if Luthor is there as a false idol, again promising to help rebuild the city amid this new cataclysm, while hiding his devilish intentions?

What if he funded Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight's private army in order to escape Metropolis and its protector-in-chief? Or as a trial before they take on Superman?

Whatever it could be, if Superman does play a part in the final chapter of the Rocksteady Arkham Trilogy, it'll make for an awesome pre-cursor for Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice!

Batman: Arkham City will be in our sweaty palms come June 2nd, 2015.

What do you guys think?

If Lex Luthor is going to be in Arkham Knight, what's he gonna be up to?

(Source:, TheFirstAvenger via Superhero Hype)


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