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Yep guys, it's official. Ian Somerhalder has finally put a ring on a finger that is very much not yours and it just so happens to belong to his girlfriend of six months, Nikki Reed.

After weeks of speculation, Nikki Reed has finally spoken out to US Weekly and confirmed that she is all set to tie the knot with the man of thousands of Vampire Diaries fans' dreams.

It goes without saying that the Twilight actress was thrilled when Somerhalder got down onto one exceptionally buff knee (if anyone has those, it's Ian) and popped the question.

Reed didn't hold back with the compliments when the press asked her about her relationship with Ian. She gushed to interviews that:

He's so beautiful inside and out!. He's quite possibly the most amazing man that's ever walked the planet, it's crazy. I'm so lucky, I love him

While Nikki might be overjoyed, there are going to be a lot of haters out there who are less than pleased with the news.

Reed's divorce with her ex-husband Paul McDonald was reportedly only finalized days before she agreed to exchange vows with Ian and many fans worry she is being too hasty and might shatter Ian's heart.

I don't think any of us need to feel worried for Ian though. He is a 36-year-old man who chose to propose to a beautiful woman who shares his interests and that he truly believes can give him happiness for life. I trust his decision making, and I think you guys should too!

Congratulations to the happy couple. I can't wait for the wedding!


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