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It's been 12 years since Finding Nemo rode the EAC into our hearts, but there's still much to learn about Marlin, Dory and Nemo.

Here 12 facts every self-respecting Nemo fans needs to know.

Bruce is named after...

I always thought Bruce was named Bruce merely because he's Australian and all Australians are called Bruce, but apparently there's more to it than that. Bruce was actually the nickname of the mechanical shark - which frequently malfunctioned - in Steven Spielberg's Jaws. The mechanical shark was itself named after Spielberg's lawyer, Bruce Ramer.

Crush was so laid back because...

Well, it has nothing to do - as some have suggested - with sea weed. Instead, Crush sounded so laid back because the director, Andrew Stanton (who also voiced Crush), actually performed his dialogue while laying down on a sofa.

Pixar's Water Was Deemed Too Realistic

Animating water is extremely difficult, but it seems Pixar did it too well. Initially their animations of the water surface were deemed to realistic, and they were told to tone it down for release. Producers were concerned the audience would think they used live-action footage.

Brad Bird's Son Voiced Squirt

Nicholas Bird, the son of The Incredibles director Brad Bird, provided the voice for young turtle Squirt. Andrew Stanton was inspired to hire Nicholas after Brad Bird was showing home videos around the Pixar offices.

Grinding Nemo

Shortly after the release of Finding Nemo, a company which specializes in water filtration and sewage treatment systems released a warning to discourage fish owners from flushing their fish down the toilet in order to free them to the ocean.

Although most sewage systems do led to the ocean, they also go through extensive processes designed to breakdown physical objects - including fish. This led the company to state it would be less Finding Nemo and more 'Grinding Nemo'.

Dog Fish?

Pixar animators actually studied dogs' facial expressions and eyes in order to create emotional expressions for fish.


Fans of Pixar will know almost all their movies have the phrase 'A113' hidden somewhere. In Finding Nemo, the Easter Egg, which refers to the CalArts classroom that many Pixar animators attended, is located on Sherman's camera.

Gill's Mouth

The mouth of Gill the fish was deliberately modelled after the mouth of his voice actor, Willem Dafoe.

Pixar References

Of course, Pixar have a habit of referencing their own movies and Finding Nemo is no exception. There are several Pixar references in Finding Nemo, including:

A Buzz Lightyear toy in the dentist's office

A kid reading a Mr. Incredible comic

While Boo gives Mike a Nemo toy in Monsters Inc.

Finding Nemo was the first Pixar movie to feature...

The scene in which Dory's nose bleeds is the first time in any Pixar movie that blood is shown on screen.

With a Filipino Accent, P. Sherman sounds like...

The dentist and diver who captures Nemo and relocates him to his aquarium was named P. Sherman for a rather specific reason. Reportedly, the name was chosen because a large part of the Finding Nemo team are Filipino and 'P. Sherman' apparently sounds a lot like 'fisherman' in a Filipino accent.

William H. Macy Was Kicked Out of Finding Nemo

Originally, William H. Macy was supposed to provide the voice for Marlin. In fact, he recorded all the dialogue and his version of Finding Nemo was presented to Disney producers at advanced screenings. However, the movie did not exactly get a great response. According to James Stewart's book, DisneyWar, it was after viewing the Macy version of the film that the then-Disney CEO, Michael Eisner told the board of directors:

This will be a reality check for those guys...It's OK, but nowhere near as good as their previous films. Of course, they think it's great. Trust me, it's not.

Faced with this Andrew Stanton replaced Macy with Albert Brooks and made other changes to the movie. When it was released it received the best reviews and box office sales of any other Pixar movie up to that point.


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