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Rob Harris

Have you ever wondered why Pokemon developers Game Freak incessantly demand we buy TWO separate versions of the same game every time we feel that feverish urge to catch 'em all? I'd always cynically assumed it to be a shrewd marketing ploy to convince us to spend twice as much money as we sensibly should, but perhaps I was wrong.

What if there was actually an in-game narrative reason for there being a Red and a Blue; a Gold and a Silver; a Ruby and a Sapphire? What if each version of the games took place in alternate intertwined dimensions, with thousands of slightly different Pokemon realities existing, as opposed to just one?

The Game Theorists' latest mind-bending theory suggests just that, and goes a long way to explaining why Mega Evolutions only exist in certain games. But, more importantly, it may also provide the answer to every trainer's ultimate question: 'Where in the hell are Diglett's feet?'

Watch the video and you might just find out...

Dig out your old calculus notes and whip out that trusty protractor - it's time for a (mercifully brief) lesson in quantum physics.

I never thought I'd need a maths degree to understand Pokemon, but I guess the series is a lot more sophisticated than it appears!


Do you buy this Pokemon theory?


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