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Batman will get a solo film by 2020. It's not on the official plan Warner Bros. released, but they have confirmed it. And if there's one thing that's been lacking from every Batman film ever, it's Robin. But before anyone points him out, no I do not count Chris O'Donnell's hilariously bad attempt to change that. Although the idea of Robin in a Batman film raises an interesting question: Which one? There have been six main Robins over the years, so I'm going to break them all down for you and give a verdict on which one(s) should show up when Batman gets his very own film.

1) Carrie Kelly

Carrie's at number one because she's probably the most likely, as there's a chance that Jena Malone is already playing her in 'Batman v Superman' and because she's from the Dark Knight Returns, which is the inspiration for Ben Affleck's Batman. Carrie is thirteen years old and the daughter of two neglectful parents who are often high on drugs. So after being saved by Batman she makes a Robin costume and goes out to fight crime, as you do. She actually ends up saving Batman from the Mutant gang leader so he takes her under his wing but threatens to "fire" her if she disobeys orders. Personally, I like Carrie, but she's always been far from my favourite Robin. I just felt that her lack of training and schoolgirl attitude would never have made her decent at her job and she's never been a particularly interesting character, although that can be attributed to the lack of time she's had for development. Still, she could work quite well as a blank slate for an actor to project their own preferred style onto.

2) Dick Grayson

The original Robin, Dick is the guy you probably know of if you're only familiar with there being one iteration of the Boy Wonder. Dick lost his parents during one of the family's aerial acrobatics display thanks to the work of Tony Zucco. Bruce Wayne then adopts Dick and after it being revealed that he is, in fact Batman, Bruce takes Dick under his wing as his sidekick after rigorous training. Dick has always been a fan favourite for obvious reasons. The parallel between him and Batman inks a page by itself and his unique acrobatic combat style is a lot of fun to see in action. And let's not forget his trademark quips the make him all the more fun to read about. However, his character didn't really come into his own until he actually left the Bat family to forge his own identity as Nightwing in Bludhaven. Still, he was a pretty great Robin before that stage, giving rise to some great stories.

3) Jason Todd

Jason gets very little love from the majority of readers. To the point that the thing he's most famous for is dying. And just to rub salt on the wound, it was an open vote that killed him. However, his death lead to one of the best Batman stories in history and one of the very, very few dramatic change moments in comics that has never been reverted to the status-quo. Even though Jason has been resurrected, that too lead to the incredibly gripping 'Under the Red Hood' storyline. You see, although Jason's a pretty unlikable character - arrogant, moody, bloody and known to use guns - that leads to a dynamic with Batman that's unbelievably compelling, especially when Bruce blames himself for Jason's death. So even though he's not a lot of fun to see as Robin, he opens up the doors to many iconic and brilliant stories.

4) Tim Drake

Tim is unusual in the sense that he actually volunteered to be Robin after seeing how Batman starts to lose it post Jason's death. So he seeks out Nightwing and from there Batman, and earns the mantle of Robin and then from there becomes Red Robin. What sets Tim apart is that opposed to DIck's natural physical presence, he's actually quite small, and thus relies on the use of a bo staff to take down his enemies. But what he lacks physically he more than makes up for mentally, often being able to outsmart his opponents before needing to engage anyway. He is also a naturally gifted detective, deducing Batman's identity as a child and often being able to help Bruce with the detective work on the duo's investigations. And let's face it, Tim has by far the coolest suit of all the Robins, just saying.

5) Damian Wayne

Damian is actually Bruce Wayne's son. Yeah, Bruce and Talia al Ghul actually had a kid together. He was raised by the League of Assassins to be the heir to Ra's Al Ghul, leading to him being a super-serious, bloodthirsty and arrogant Robin, even more so than Jason Todd ever was. Usually, he's been a long shot at getting into a cinematic adaptation of Batman due to timeline issues, but in the Batman v Superman universe, Bruce Wayne will have donned the cape and cowl seventeen years prior. So when the solo films arrives, Damian could easily be almost eighteen to allow for a more screen ready character as opposed to the ten year old ninja from the comics. Damian's an interesting character, often challenging Batman's way of doing things and trying his father's patience a lot. He provides a fun contrast to the other Robins, specifically Dick, and seeing them clash together is always fun. And that sentiment was conveyed in the animated film Son of Batman as well

6) Stephanie Brown

Stephanie only appeared very briefly as Robin in the comics, although she has been a character in other forms, both as her own amateur hero Spoiler, and also as the third Batgirl. She was never greatly loved by readers but she does have her own fan-base with a weird love of waffles. However, she has been an integral part of some really good storylines (Batman Eternal anyone?) and one where she "dies" in what one might call spectacular fashion. She's also, coincidentally, Tim Drake's girlfriend. Or at least she has been, it's not confirmed where they stand with the New 52. But that's... something I guess. There's not much more to her character, if I had to sum her up in one word I'd say "tenacious". And to her credit, there's only so little to say because she's been given so little exposure, and she's definitely a character worthy of some more love.


Personally, when Ben Affleck's Batman rolls up in his brand new film come whenever it is, I want to see Tim Drake as his sidekick and Dick Grayson could maybe cameo as Nightwing. As for the rest of them, some easter eggs would be good, but in reality, I want to see all of them at some stage. One day I want to see the whole Bat-family on screen together, but for Batman's first solo film in this universe, I'd say we should stick to Tim and maybe DIck.

Wrapping Up...

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