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Some exciting news that just about every single person knows by now: A Supergirl show is being made, and its going to be in the same universe as Arrow and The Flash.

Now, this show is going to change quite a bit on our favorite TV universe, so much in fact that we will be viewing nearly every show in it differently.

How you ask? Well let's look at how Flash changed it first

So, the first show we got in our TV universe was Arrow, and as most remember it was a show that focused quite a bit on realism and was somewhat dark because of this...similar to The Dark Knight in a way.

Then came Season 2 when Barry Allen made an appearance...then the show had quite a few super-humans (or meta-humans).

After that happened it seemed that the TV Universe didn't care about shying away from realism anymore. So that was a huge change that came along thanks to Flash.

Now I believe a similar thing will happen with Supergirl

Why? Because she is an alien actually. Which will open up a huge factor for the DCTV Universe. That factor is called Space.

When Supergirl hits, expect a lot of actual Alien foes and possibly some alien allies. Like someone who has been hinted at before:

For those who don't know, Ferris Air is the company that our other favorite Green Hero, Hal Jordan works for. Supergirl could possibly open up some possibilities for the Green Lantern Corps. and of course other famous characters.

Oh, and also, does anyone remember how Warner Bros. said that Superman and Batman won't be appearing in the DCTV Universe? Well, maybe Batman won't but I seriously think that Superman will be will be hard to do a Supergirl origin without Superman.

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