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Executive Producer, Screen writer and photographer. Keith Bailey has won awards for all his professions.
Keith Friend-Equality Bailey

There are a lot of Actors and Actresses out there in the world that think that they can jump right into the TV and Film industry without any previous experience at all. Why this may have happened once or twice in film history it is certainly not the norm, so really an actor or actresses best friend is Indie Film. Independent Films, Web Series, and TV Shows can make the difference in a career. That is where new talent is found and proves itself.

Understand that Extras are not credited in Film and Television, so don't clutter your resume up with a lot of "extra" roles. No one in the industry really cares. Unless you were a "Featured" Extra it isn't worth noting. It is far more impressive to have named speaking roles on your resume, even if they are only from Indie Films, Web Series, or local TV Shows. Those roles can, and should go on your IMDb page, and your IMDb page is what counts to most Casting Directors.

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database, and it is an essential tool in today's market for the working actor or actress. The more roles you have listed on IMDb, the more credibility you have in the Industry. Why? Because Hollywood no longer takes risks. Those IMDb credits show you know your way around a Film or TV set, and therefore are less risk than a total unknown. For good or bad, and in my opinion it's more bad, that is how Hollywood works these days. So a Catch 22 is created. In order to get roles in big budget films, you have to already have done roles in film. So how do you do that? Indie!

Independent Film Directors, Web Series Directors, and Local TV Directors (and Casting Agents) are far more willing to work with talented unknowns than large film production companies. They take risks. They tell better stories, and you have more opportunities to be cast. So don't look down on those Indie projects in your area. Look at them as the stepping stones to your future stardom.


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