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Bob Pants

In the newest Avengers 2 trailer we got on January 12, there was one scene where we saw Thor being shocked by lighting or absorbing lighting or something else of the sort. In that scene, on the bottom right, you can see a woman in green clothing. Now, this could be anybody but why would some random woman be in that castle where the Avengers seem to be having a battle with Ultron. My theory is that the after-credits scene may have just been spoiled for us, but maybe not since a lot of different things seem to be Thor related in Age of Ultron. A new rumor is that Thor, Cap, and Iron Man aren't in Avengers: Infinity War so the Enchantress could be behind Thor not being there.

And this is not the only mystery woman in the trailer! Does this look familiar?


My guess is that this is a Black Panther easter egg. T'Challa has a sister named Shuri who took over as The Panther for a while because T'Challa was severely injured. But I'll save this for another article...


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