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Who is The Vision?

After months of constant failure, Ultron decided to kidnap the original Human Torch's original inventor, Phineas T. Horton. He decided to create his own android using the original Human Torch of the 1940s to strike and get revenge against [The Avengers](movie:9040). Ultron had Professor Horton change the android's face to the color red. He also has Professor Horton alter the Horton Cells giving his creation density shifting powers. When Vision is "born" Ultron discovers Professor Horton didn't destroy his memory as the Torch. Ultron killed Professor Horton for backstabbing him and the "Torch/ Android/ The Vision" wanted vengeance. Ultron defeated him with ease and forced him to be his servant.

What is unique about The Vision?

  • Holographic Manipulation: Vision can generate holograms to disguise himself as a human wearing a trench coat or even make himself invisible.
  • Energy Manipulation: He is able to change the electrical frequencies and solar radiation wavelengths so that his body absorbs them to enable mobility and utilize his various powers.
  • Audio Sensitivity: Vision can adjust the sensitivity of his audio receptors (ears) to a point where he can detect the faintest of sounds.
  • Optical Scanners: He can scan life forms, energy sources and even objects, detecting the substances that they are composed of and the energies that are radiating from them.
  • Vocal Manipulation: Vision can make himself sound like a machine or even a human.
  • He is married to the Scarlet Witch.

When was he first introduced?

The first Vision was created by the writer-artist team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (Nov. 1940), published by Timely Comics (old name of Marvel Comics) during the 1930s-1940s period which fans and historians call the Golden Age of Comic Books. Decades later, editor Stan Lee and writer Roy Thomas decided to add a new team member to the superhero-team series The Avengers. Thomas wanted to bring back the Golden Age Vision, but Lee was set on introducing an android member. Thomas ultimately compromised by using a new, android Vision. The second Vision first appeared in The Avengers #57 (Oct. 1968).

Which other Superheroes has The Vision teamed up with?

The Vision has been a part of The Avengers, Avengers West Coast, and The Defenders. Some heroes include Scarlet Witch, Thor, Beast, Black Panther, and even Wolverine.

Why is The Vision so popular?

He is extremely powerful.

His costume is so awesome!

Even though he is an android, he still has emotions.

Can't you just see him running around with these guys?


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