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It may be just a teaser, but Eli Roth's new trailer for upcoming [Knock Knock](movie:1325437) at its face appears to be more like a psychological thriller than the unyielding gorefests like Hostel that we know and love.

Knock Knock just premiered at Sundance Film Festival last week, and it follows Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves), an architect who stays at home to meet a deadline while his family goes to the beach for a weekend. On a dark and stormy night, two lost young women show up at Evan's door looking to use the phone. Reeves describes the movie as a "cautionary tale," so it's safe to say that this becomes one night of passion that leads to a world of chaos.

Check out the newly released teaser trailer below, and let's start speculating about what fate will befall this philandering husband. Will Roth's signature blood-splattering style return?

Knock Knock. Who's there?

The movie opens almost exactly like The Girl Next Door, except this time the main character is faced with two lovely ladies instead of just one. Evan (Keanu Reeves) comes to the door and sees two young women, sopping wet and looking for a place to stay. We know this isn't going to have a happy ending.

Quickly, the wet clothes come off...

...And the bathrobes come on. Evan clearly lets them take a shower and sits down to discuss family life with the two barely dressed twenty-somethings. Despite taking some time to talk about his loving wife and happy home life, Evan doesn't resist the moves that the girls put on him.

The absent wife is quickly forgotten

The trio retreat to the bedroom for some dark deeds, while the lightning illuminates a wholesome family portrait. The next thing the trailer shows us is Evan slowly scanning his home, while a woman laughs maniacally in the background.

But what happens after the infidelity?

It seems to me that the events of the teaser don't go too far past the first act, but based on some early reports and some wild speculation, I have a vague idea. After cheating, the girls will turn on Evan, teaching him a lesson for the crime against his marriage. I'm thinking something in the vain of Hard Candy or Funny Games that slowly builds tension with moral dilemmas and psychological twists.

But, my biggest questions still remain: Who are these girls? Why are they determined to seduce and then (probably) torture a family man? Are they working on behalf of someone else?

Obviously, this teaser has done its job and has me intrigued. How are you feeling about the newly minted partnership between Eli Roth and Keanu Reeves? Will you be keeping an eye out for Knock Knock?


How do you think Knock Knock will end?


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