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Ever wondered who captures your final moments in Call of Duty? Meet Randall Higgins. The official Killcam-erman of the entire Call of Duty series. Take a look below and see how Randall gets those killer shots!

The KillCam or killcam-erman shows a player's death from the perspective of the killer. It is displayed in the view of first or third person, whichever is the last that the viewer spectated in, the default point of view being first person. The KillCam is useful for identifying how the player was killed, identifying possible hackers, or to locate enemy positions.

The KillCam has been updated in recent Call of Duty games, which now feature a camera system that will lock on and follow grenade trajectory, bombs from airstrikes or artillery strikes, a thrown Throwing Knife and Tomahawk, a shot Ballistic Knife, Care Packages, and the perspective of air support or dogs. C4, Claymores, and Satchel Charges will be shown in third person as the camera tracks the player's path to the explosive's detonation.


Snipers and campers generally hate the killcam for it gives away their location easily once the victim is familiar with the map. However, for snipers, this can be easily avoided by staying scoped in after killing someone, thus making it harder for the victim to pinpoint the killer's position.

The trailer above is an advertisement for the release of Advanced Warfare's first DLC, Havoc. The first downloadable content pack for [Call Of Duty](movie:1068472): Advanced Warfare, featuring the all-new Exo Zombies co-op experience, the all-new versatile AE4 directed energy assault rifle, the AE4 Widowmaker custom variant, and four new Multiplayer maps, tailor-made to unleash your exoskeleton’s power.

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