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For years Batman fans have been looking for a film made that actually follows the comics. Most of the Batman films don't. Look at the Christopher Nolan films for example. They didn't really follow the origins of the villain's all that well. Look at The Joker, I didn't hear any references to him taking a dip in acid, look at Bane. The face mask? Really? Wheres the Venom? What about Santa Prisca? They left a lot of holes in the films. Harvey Dent didn't even get the whole acid to the face incident. Now I know that Christopher Nolan did a good job bringing Batman to the big screen. But why did he feel the need to leave out Nightwing? Batgirl? Robin? And about Ra's Al Ghul. Wasn't he immortal? I never heard anything about the Lazarus Pit. Also why did Batman take the fall for Two-Face? Joker was killing people the whole movie but Batman says he killed Dent? But the Tim Burton Batman films had the best on origin. Why he felt the need to have Vicki Vale as a main character I don't know, but it was a mistake of the directors I can forgive due to the fact that that film was awesome.

(Batman Knightfall) Bane "Breaks the Bat"
(Batman Knightfall) Bane "Breaks the Bat"

Now lets get into the Caped Crusaders partners. The only good thing about the old Batman movies was that they added Robin and Batgirl. As sucky as they were they were still added to the movies.


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