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Number 5 Stitches The Clown

Well some of you may have seen the blood and gore of this crazy movie. The story starts as a man who works as a clown had a job at a child's birthday party where he did tricks to make the kids laugh like a normal clown would do. Well the children were snotty little ones and they threw things at him, messed with him and then... Haha well watch this and you will understand it all....

Number 4 Clown Doll (Scary Movie 2)

Haha well I picked this one cause I hate the fact its a damn doll and I have a big fear of clowns and dolls. You all have seen this one right? Well I know that I don't have to talk too much about it. Here is a video.

Number 3 Zombieland Clown


Number 2 Ronald McDonald

I hate this guy. Ok here is why I put him up as one of the top 5. I was laying paralyzed in the hospital could not move nor could I speak. When everyone was having people visit them I had a couple people from the main staff in the activities department come and see me to help me with some stuff but after that a damn clown shows up and guess who it is haha well I was shit out of luck. Enjoy the video.

Number 1 Pennywise (IT)

Ok going to the video


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