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Just like the Ultimate and Earth-616 universes are set to collide in Marvel's Secret Wars reboot in May, two huge fandoms (and the ones nearest and dearest to my geeky heart) have collided in a huge way today. Marvel has just announced that none other than David Tennant - that's right, the Tenth Doctor from [Doctor Who](series:200668) - will be joining the cast of Marvel's [Jessica Jones](series:1168773) opposite Kristyn Ritter (Jessica Jones) and Mike Colton (Luke Cage).

Excuse me while I take a moment to do a happy dance in my seat.

Not only is he joining the cast, he'll be stepping into the role of Jessica Jones' main villain of the show, Killgrave. For those of you not familiar with the character, that's Zebediah Killgrave, otherwise known as Purple Man.

Granted, that's not the most intimidating villain alter ego, but Killgrave is a pretty scary guy, truly one of Marvel's most diabolical villains. A former Soviet spy, he was working undercover to infiltrate an American military depot when he was hit with a canister of highly experimental nerve gas. The nerve gas turned his skin a permanent shade of purple, but, more than that, it gave him the ability to manipulate and control the minds of people.

Rather than using his powers for good, he turned to a life of crime, because obviously.

We DO know that for this Netflix series, Killgrave will not be colored purple, however, so expect them to just run with his name of Killgrave, rather than his villain moniker.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tennant's work, understand that Marvel is not screwing around when it comes to the quality of casting here. Tennant has done everything from Shakespeare to Hollywood movies to TV shows to miniseries.

The issue with some Marvel villains so far is that they've unfortunately felt a bit flat and two-dimensional. But Tennant's greatest asset is his ability to dive deeply into a character and pull every emotion into his performance. Doctor Who fans know he can go from heartwrenching pathos to energetic, boyish joy and back again, often within the same episode. With Tennant able to develop the villain over the course of a 13-series season, I expect Killgrave's character to be fully fleshed-out and well-rounded in a way that Marvel villains have lacked to this point.

If you're wondering what he can bring to the table, check out this brief highlights video from YouTuber AssignmentX:

According to the Marvel statement, Killgrave's reappearance into Jessica Jones' life will "send shockwaves through the former superhero's world." If you know the story behind their past, it was a truly squicky, stomach-churning storyline in which Killgrave used his powers of mind control to enslave Jessica Jones for months, turning her into his sex slave. Whether or not that will be fully explored in A.K.A. Jessica Jones remains to be seen - but if they do, Tennant is one of the handful of actors who could handle such uncomfortable material with grace.

I, for one, am now counting down the days until those shockwaves commence. What about you? Do you think Tennant is the right fit or did you have someone else in mind? Let me hear it in the comments!


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