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Some of you guys might remember the app Tinder that was 'in' for a while some time ago. Lately my roommates downloaded the app again and I was just Google-ing all kinds of stuff. Because I love Disney I typed in "Disney Princesses Dating" and in a matter of seconds I saw all kinds of funny things. Here's a collection of (fake) Tinder accounts from the Disney Princesses we know and love, found on this website.

1. Pocahontas

I totally agree with her. I would have trust issues too (if I didn't already)!

2. Cinderella

Why is she on Tinder? Did she get divorced from the prince? Maybe that's why she's implying she has a lot of money now...

3. Mulan

Yes sir! Uh, I meant miss!

5. Ariel

Lying about her age and wanting to piss off her dad? She just swam off the good path, now didn't she?

6. Elsa

The oldest one of our Disney princesses (or in this case queen). Do you want to built a... nevermind!

7. Jasmine

She's an easy one guys! (Except for the tiger part perhaps...)

8. Aurora

And she sure does party a lot. Wouldn't you after such a long sleep?

9. Belle

Maybe we should still call PETA and lock her up, just to be sure...

10. Tiana

Like they already told you in the movie:

It's not slime.. It's mucus!

11. Snow White

Just stick with the bananas Snow and you'll be alright. (Yeah, you get the joke).

12. Rapunzel

My guess is she hasn't updated her Tinder yet since she ran away from her tower and found her real family (and of course true love).

13. Merida

Yo go Merida! I would rather watch a contest for my hand in marriage than just swiping on Tinder all day.


Who would you like to date/get to know better?


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