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There are four new Netflix series coming from Marvel to us sometime in the next year or two years. Starring super-heroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, these four series will intertwine to create "The Defenders" and show us a street-level look at what's been going on in Hell's Kitchen in New York City, undoubtedly to show some of the fallout from Marvel's The Avengers as well as please fans who want a decent rendition of Daredevil (though, based on the costume, might not happen).

Out of the four of those heroes, Daredevil is probably the most famous (infamous?), with Luke Cage probably being a bit notable if you grew up playing the two Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games. I'll vouch for Iron Fist, and even though I've never heard of Jessica Jones, I'm still happy to see a woman leading a super-hero show. I do wish it was one of the more popular characters, but hey. Maybe this'll launch her into fame.

New York City, if your unaware, is pretty much the hub for any big super in the MCU. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Marvel is trying to cover their tracks with not having the Fantastic Four by having the Defenders. Think about it: you have the famous, tactical genius leader (Daredevil), the butt-kicking female lead (Jessica Jones), the younger member who can still be awesome (Iron Fist), and the big lug who can pound someone's face in and still have great character (Luke Cage). See? Fantastic Four! But not really.

This is all great and all, but, when I heard the announcement a while back, and with recent Daredevil and Jessica Jones news, I've been silently waiting for one announcement, one I think can change these shows for the better. You see, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn't afraid to occasionally dip into it's Marvel Studios reserves to pull out a super-hero that is relatively unknown and sort of make them a side-character when necessary. Mockingbird is the best example.

So, in a show full of relatively unknowns, who's to say that there shouldn't be one more unknown? An unknown that, recently, has had a critically acclaimed comic run and who has been and on-again off-again member of the Avengers, Mr. Moon Knight himself.

If you don't know who he is...then why? Speaking personally, he's my second favorite super-hero and my favorite Marvel character. He used to be known as Marvel's Batman before he turned crazy and grew into a character of his own, gaining a split personality between Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, and an Egyptian God. You know, normal people stuff. In the more recent comic run we've seen this degradation of his mind and even the eventual loss of Khonshu (still mad about that...but it was a fantastic move on the writer's part).

As far as street-level heroes go, it doesn't get much better. He's an ex-mercenary who died at the foot of an Egyptian god's statue and was granted life again and given extraordinary abilities, then went back to New York (and over to California for a while) to fight crime alongside occasionally fighting some psychologically traumatizing things.

For me, it doesn't at all sound like these Netflix series are going to be as friendly as the regular MCU, or even AOS, has been. So, why not introduce a psychologically tormented character who may as good a fighter, perhaps even superior in some areas, to the Defenders?

If Marvel is smart, they will bring in Moon Knight in some capacity. They've already teased his existence in the MCU in the latest Captain America film (a man in Cairo?...yeah, you already KNOW who that is) so they may as well bring it full-circle. It could be something as simple as introducing him as the taxi-cab driver Jake Lockley while there are reports of "silver-clad vigilante running about Hell's Kitchen" while Daredevil and company are also on the rise. Moon Knight isn't one to work in a group very often, which I personally enjoy as it benefits him as a character, so of course we wouldn't get to see him and the Defenders together until push comes to shove.

And if this is indeed an origin-story type of thing for Daredevil, how interesting (I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this, I'm just generating ideas) would it be if Moon Knight acts at first as a mercenary for the Kingpin? It could be that the Kingpin has two big names (Bullseye and MK) as his big dogs and Daredevil has to take them down. Obviously MK would turn good and Bullseye would retain his status as a villain. That would be another way to bring him in while also establishing that he is a mercenary.

My biggest fear is that we have to wait several more years for a "west-coast Avengers" where then we shall meet Moon Knight. Given Marvel's plans for the next several years, though, I doubt that's going to be the case. Civil War will definitely shake up everything in the MCU (still unsure how I feel about that, since I was uncaring toward Civil War as a story but whatever), but I doubt it would do anything for Moon Knight. Maybe that's why I want to see a Moon Knight series so badly. Civil War wouldn't affect it, yay!

I could even see a Moon Knight series working the same way Arrow did in its first season. Nobody knew who the heck Green Arrow was when it premiered. Nobody cared. He was the guy with the punching glove arrow. Similarly, Moon Knight would just be that crazy guy who's pretty much Batman. Thus, they would be able to bring up lesser-known Moon Knight characters into the fold and maybe change them up to make them more interesting or more suited to the overall story. Heck, why not invent a few like Arrow did? Moon Knight also doesn't have too big a rogue's gallery, the first two coming to mind are Bushman and Count Nefaria--who is actually a Thor villain but was featured prominently in MK's run before "Age of Ultron." So, you could steal a few villains from off the streets to have the series work, or just feature Bushman prominently as the main villain, since that's how it usually is anyway (from what I've read).

Personally (call it biased, go ahead, I don't care), I think the Moon Knight series would be the most intriguing and character-based one of all the MCU TV shows. I mean sure you've got Matt Murdock dealing with being a lawyer and vigilante, but, Moon Knight has three personalities to deal with, as well as an Egyptian God who likes to speak with him mentally as well as he has to save face as a billionaire who used to be a mercenary. Whoa. There's definitely a lot in there for a good character-based story, and the only reason I see Marvel not pulling the trigger on it is because he's relatively unknown and the story might even be too complex to write and make good. I'll admit, properly making a Moon Knight story seems to be a very daunting task, to my hat's off to Brian Wood and Warren Ellis of late for doing so well with the character to have him nominated for so many awards last year.

Maybe we will see Moon Knight eventually. Given he's an amazing martial artist, he might appear as a rival to Iron Fist in his series. I don't know. I'm just holding out for the best right now. And the best is yet to be seen.


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