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1. Severance

I love this movie. There are many people who are not the biggest fans of Danny Dyer, but I think he's great - especially in a horror.

2. F...

Dark, disturbing - a definite watch.

3. Dog Soldiers

I'm not much of one for 'monster' movies, however, this is a great film with twists you wouldn't expect.

4. Wilderness

Super sick, and you will wonder who is the villain.

5. Hush

I will be honest, this film starts off pretty slowly and I'm not sure about some of the acting - but hang in there, it gets better and you will be happy you watched it.

6. Doghouse

Another Danny Dyer movie, of course. This film is pretty cheesy and you will find yourself cringing at parts, and I must say, after I watched it I wasn't sure whether I liked it or not, but now, I find myself watching this regularly as it's fun and silly and just really feel-good.

7. Eden Lake

This movie reminds me a lot of the French film 'Ils...' (which I highly recommend). Great cast, great acting, and a good storyline. Plus, the wonderful Jack O'Connell is truly sinister in this movie.

There are several more I could mention, but these are my top few that I find are less well-known and need to be seen. As you'll see I have left out Shaun of the Dead, this is purely because if you are reading this article then you will have probably seen this already. I must also mention Kill List - many people adore this movie, however, I just do not enjoy it - if I'm brutally honest, I find it rather boring. Another mention of a great film would be the original version of The Wicker Man, however, this list is based around the more modern movie.

Please let me know if I have missed any great ones; I would love to find some I haven't seen!

Which of the above have you seen?


Which of the above have you seen?


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