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You might recognize Brian Hull, or at least his versatile voice, from his creative video which took the most popular song in the world and introduced the voices of 21 famous Disney and Pixar characters. After combining Disney with, well, more Disney, Hull's awesome "Let It Go" video naturally went viral.

On the off chance you don't remember Hull's video, or you just want to relive the magic, check out his the spot-on impressions that first caught our attention below:

The spotlight has far from faded from Brian Hull as the talented voice actor just reached 100,000 YouTube subscribers. As a "thank you" to his fans, Hull has created his next big hit!

The talented voice actor's accomplishments and treats for his fans are far from over. Hull recently reached 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, and in an act of appreciation he created a video of him doing one hundred impressions as fast as he could in one take.

One hundred impressions later, Hull clocks in at just under four minutes! I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed. Here are some of my personal favorites of his:

1. Mickey Mouse, Disney

Brian opens up the video with a classic and highly-recognizable Disney character.

2. Kermit the Frog, The Muppets

I know it's not easy being green, but Brian doesn't make it look that difficult!

3. Gollum, Lord of the Rings

Then he moves onto this "precious" character from LOTR.

4. Droopy Dog, Tex Avery Cartoons

A personal favorite, Brian does a near-perfect Droopy Dog impression.

5. Dobby, Harry Potter

5. Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo

Ruh-roh, Raggy! It looks like someone is deserving of all the Scooby Snacks.

6. Bugs Bunny, Looney Toons

A classic. You can't do an impressions video without including a bit of Bugs.

7. Tin Man, The Wizard of Oz

He says he hasn't got a heart, but it sounds like he has plenty to me.

8. Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh

I would give all the honey in the world to have Brian narrate my life as Winnie the Pooh, as he is my spirit animal.

9. Minions, Despicable Me


10. King Julien, Madagascar

Take note, Maurice! This is how you do a good impression of King Julien. I wonder if he can "move it, move it" well too.

11. Sean Connery, Celebrity

Another staple in any voice actors repertoire. Where would SNL's jeopardy sketch be without Darrell Hammond's great Sean Connery?

12. The Joker, The Dark Knight Trilogy

One sure-fire way to put a smile on my face is by watching Brian's impressions. So, no knives needed.

13. Wakko, Animaniacs

Based on his Wakko, I bet he also does a killer Ringo Star impression.

As Hull mentions, much of his talent comes from the impressions, but also in his ability to shift from character to character so quickly and seamlessly. So while they might not be perfect under these time constraints, that doesn't make this any less impressive! Heck, I can barely do any impressions at all, let alone without all the stumbling.

Check out Brian's Youtube channel to see more of his awesome videos.

Bravo, Brian, we're excited to see what you do next!


How many auditions for voice acting roles does Brian deserve?

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