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Can't wait for, arguably, the biggest movie of 2015? Excited to get a glimpse at some of the action before it hits theaters? Well, you're in luck. These [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) stills feature Captain America, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and more in action.

Check them out:

Captain America running through the snow

He ain't even cold. This is going to be epic.

Tony in the lab

Can it be May already? I think it should be May already.

Another shot of Cap

That dude behind him looks, like, super dead. Guys, I think Captain America killed some bad guy, or something.

Thor looking like a bad-ass, but what else is new?

He doesn't need sleeves even though it's snowing. Thor doesn't get cold. Thor is all that is manly.

Joss Whedon giving Jeremy Renner direction

Cool to see this behind-the-scenes stuff, seeing the mixture of the character and actor becoming one is a lot of fun insight into our favorite films. Obviously, a lot goes into blockbuster movies like this and I completely appreciate it.

Scarlet Witch looking scurred

Maybe she forgot change for that pay phone and really, really needs to make a call to back up because IT LOOKS LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD IS ENDING.

I love Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow

I love Scarlet Johansson as anything. ScarJo as a red-head is amazing. Thank the casting gods.

Black Widow will put a cap in your ass if you aren't careful

Truly awesome stuff. I especially like the lighting angling down over her. She's seriously one scary superheroine, good thing I'm totally on her side.

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Did this make you more or less excited for AoU?



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