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Michaela Turcotte

Guillermo del Toro, screenwriter with many popular films under his belt, including all three The Hobbit films, submitted a script to Warner Bros. in November 2014, for a Justice League Dark film adaption. There has been no word about whether or not this film was to take off, until yesterday, when this tweet (since deleted) was posted to twitter:

Nothing has been confirmed, or even addressed, by Warner Bros, DC Comics, or any other involved parties so it could be pure rumor. However, if it is decided that a Justice League Dark movie will be added to DC's much-anticipated lineup of films, could that be such a good idea? Is it possible that DC is adding too much to their plate? It could leave fans overwhelmed, and why use up all of the good comic adaptions at once? Especially when, if this tweet is any indication, one of the main characters of the film will be John Constantine, who was just portrayed in his own television series, [Constantine](movie:874314).

So, what do you think? Is now a perfect opportunity for the Justice League Dark to come to life, alongside their lighter counterparts, or is DC reaching too far?


What do you think about a JLA Dark film?


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